Watch Live: Bill Barr Attorney General confirmation hearing | Day 2

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4 Responses to Watch Live: Bill Barr Attorney General confirmation hearing | Day 2

  1. As with many other things… the Dems supported Barr until President Trump put him forward for AG.

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  2. jeans2nd says:

    Oh gee wiz, did not realize there was a day 2. How much have I missed?
    And of course, had to start listening when Crazy Maisy is rambling. It is troubling that obvious mentally ill people are elected.

    Glad to see Mulkasey there. The DOJ is still operating under Mulkasey’s 40 page summary of the massive FBI DIOG, which is why the NY Times article came out last Fri night, info courtesy of Benjamin Wittes, et al, of the Lawfare podcast. The Times article was an FBI cya for not following DIOG and using the Mukasey summary instead. FBI May 2017 was merely a DIOG cya paperwork exercise.
    Sometimes people talk too much. lolol

    Thanks for the link, Stella.


  3. jeans2nd says:

    Nearly all of these Senators and witnesses want Barr to manipulate laws according to their personal whims and desires. No one has recognized that Congress writes the laws, the Executive, i.e. Pres and AG, implement and enforce them.
    guess they all miss obama running things for them…

    Only Mr Barr was adamant that he, Barr, as AG would enforce the laws Congress passed.
    What a bunch of putzs.

    On a lighter note, czar should be well-pleased that the old mayor of NO is there, explaining how well that midnight basket program went. Wager czar might be surprised. 😉

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