‘Worst ad of the year’ candidate?

And it’s only the second week of 2019.

As was said at Legal Insurrection

Gillette’s apology campaign is not progressive or edgy or even bold. It’s ignorant, juvenile, and quite frankly, disappointing.

Conscience branding has officially jumped the shark.

Gillette, known for their razors and shaving products, is celebrating the 30 year birthday of their slogan “the best a man can get” by shaming all decent men for the actions of sleaze bags.

Take a look, just be sure to have your barf bag handy:

I think Gillette is treading a fine line in their attempt to appeal to Social Justice Warriors. I think they are repelling more men than they believed possible (and women too!)

What do you think?


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19 Responses to ‘Worst ad of the year’ candidate?

  1. ZurichMike says:

    I’m sure the effete, emasculated, woke soy-boys in the marketing department soiled their lace panties when they saw the massive blowback to this ill-conceived, disgusting, virtue-signaling bullshit.

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  2. Another company virtue signalling its products. Let’s see: a) Why do women’s razors cost twice as much as men’s? b) Why is there not one generic razor for both men and women? c) Why do razors cost so much? d) Proctor and Gambol, who own Gillette, are the biggest predators of women, by advertising that women can only be attractive when they buy their beauty products.

    This Gillette ad was so blatant and over the top with it’s promotion of supposedly toxic masculinity that it has turned me off of Gillette products for life. I have just garbaged my Gillette Mach 3 razor and am off to the store to shop for alternatives. Gillette just stick to marketing your products instead of dictating how I behave.

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    • czarowniczy says:

      I haven’t bought Gillette since their Blue Blades fed the three-piece breakdown razor I carried in the field (I still have it). I presume there are folks out there who believe that an expensive razor with a solar battery and USB port somehow shaves them better than my $3-a-bag one-time-use ones but mine are really good for removing stubborn lovebugs off my windshield.

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  3. stella says:

    Here is a really awful ad from 2009:


  4. stella says:

    Comment from Facebook, which makes some sense:

    I’ll tell you what this is about. It’s either a testament to someone at Gillette being nervous about it or there’s a second shoe to drop. In my opinion this was meant to be a Super Bowl ad and – as advertisers in the last five years have done – they decided to leak it early. Either because they wanted to gauge a reaction before exposing the world to it on the Super Bowl for millions of dollars or they have something else coming on the heels of it…


  5. stella says:

    Another comment, by a Facebook friend:

    I watched the Gillette ad and wanted to hurl. Look, The Andy Griffith Show delivered some of the same messages, about how real fathers teach their kids to be chivalrous. But the jerks who put out this dumpster fire of an ad can’t see the difference in tone, condescension, pandering, political posturing, and downright insult. Griffith was pure Americana – the men who rescued Western Civilization in WWII returning to raise families and stand up for goodness vs Gillette politically siding against “the patriarchy” of Western Civilization by spewing the talking points of Marxist Critical Theory professors. Gillette never gave a damn about values until they jumped on the bandwagon of the Anti-American Left 5 minutes ago, but now I’m supposed to genuflect to their moral authority? We’re supposed to let an overpriced razor blade company police our language, our comedy and our dating lives?

    Fuck Off, Gillette.

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  6. Bob says:

    Haven’t tried Schick in decades. Can’t wait until I need new razors.

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  7. Sharon says:

    They don’t realize that their over-acting illustrates their arrogance. They are the same as Michelle obama who thought she could force school kids to eat garbage. They are the same as John Kerry looking to git him a huntin’ license.

    The reactions of normal people do not compute in their world so they will have to form a study group to try to figure out why it bombed.

    They despise what normal Americans value.

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  8. lovely says:

    What Gillette thought would happen;

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