Medical emergencies at the Mexican border

In this June 20, 2014 photo, immigrants who entered the U.S. illegally stand in line for tickets at the bus station after they were released from a U.S. Customs and Border Protection processing facility in McAllen, Texas. The immigrants entered the country through an area referred to as zone nine. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

I’m sure most of you have heard about the death of seven-year-old Jakelin Amei Rosmery Caal Maquin, a young Guatemalan girl, while in the custody of Customs & Border Patrol last month. This is the statement about the incident, from CBP Commissioner Kevin McAleenan, provided to Breitbart News:

Border Patrol Agents, including trained Emergency Medical Technicians did everything in their power to provide emergency medical assistance for Jakelin Caal Maquin immediately after her father notified the agents of her distress at a remote Forward Operating Base, 94 miles from the nearest Border Patrol Station. Border Patrol Agents revived Jakelin twice before emergency responders arrived via air ambulance to continue medical care. Emergency Medical professionals transported her by helicopter to the nearest children’s hospital.

Despite our trained EMT agents’ best efforts fighting for Jakelin’s life, and the work of the Hidalgo County and Providence Children’s Hospital medical teams treating her, we were unable to rescue her.

This all happened between 9:15 pm on December 6, when the young girl was apprehended along with her father illegally entering the United States in a group of 163 illegal aliens, and 12:35 am on December 8.

Her father first reported her illness at 5:00 am on December 7, almost eight hours after their initial detention, and preparations were made for her emergency medical treatment. By the time treatment was begun, she had a temperature of 105.7 F. She was transported to a trauma center, where she died. The entire timeline is available at BREITBART.

As CBP pointed out:

We cannot stress enough the dangers posed by traveling long distances, in crowded transportation, or in the natural elements through remote desert areas without food, water and other supplies,” the commissioner concluded. “No one should risk injury, or even death, by crossing our border unlawfully.

The following was copied from a Facebook post. It was supposedly written by an EMS chopper pilot. I can’t vouch for the contents.

If I hear one more damn word against Border Patrol about this little girl that died, my head might pop off. Let me give you all a dose of reality.

I used to fly the Texas/Mexico border. My service area was 300 miles. People would ROUTINELY cross the border with sick/ injured people, and immediately call 911. The ground crews would call us (by their protocol) to fly critical patients that were illegals freshly on US soil. Why? Mexico has a pay as you go medical system. No money, no treatment. Example. Border patrol landed us within eyesight of the border for a pedi trauma patient mom had dragged across the border. Kid jumped into an empty swimming pool. In Mexico, she only had enough money to staple his head shut (no CT)Border Patrol ID’d a brain bleed by basic assessment, called us. Kid got a chopper ride, Level one trauma services, neurosurgeon.

That crap happened on THE REG. Sometimes, it was for kids (14-18) that HAD BEEN SHOOTING AT BORDER PATROL AGENTS.

Let me be clear. I ANSWERED CALLS FOR SERVICE FROM AGENTS THAT WERE TRYING TO SAVE PEOPLE THAT WERE ACTIVELY TRYING TO KILL THEM. They provided LZ security and first aid to save them, knowing they had been trying to kill them. Would you do that? Serious professionals. So now, people drag their kids for hundreds of miles with no food, water, shelter? Blame our LEO’s when they show up half dead? Why not blame EMS and ER? Doesn’t fit your agenda, that’s why! Demand entry into a country they are not a citizen of and have not applied to be?

Get over yourself. Apply properly like millions have done. Take responsibility for YOUR actions and your families. I have personally lived with, trained with, worked with, flown with, and trusted my life to our Border Patrol agents. They do a job that involves helping the weak, lost, and EVEN the people that would KILL them with rocks if they could. Truly, one of the FINEST agencies I have worked with. They know local and federal laws, deal with the “anti check point” citizens they PROTECT, speak several languages, know how to cut sign and track like the best hunters.

I have ever known, understand SERE like Robin Sage graduates, and have more medical training and experience than any other agency except primary mission folks. Cool, focused, calm, responsive. Responding to assist flight teams working pedi codes, first on scene at mass causality MVA’s, or that guy I had hiking with over 400 bee stings, the agents getting stung protecting him. That was the norm, not the exception. Don’t even get me started on BORSTAR and BORTAC. You’d just have to see them. I dare any of my fire guys to do ropes and knots with them. So dialed in. High angle, long line, swift water, just name it.

You wanna cry about family separation? If mom or dad commit a crime, they don’t get a pass because they have kids, just like American criminals. More importantly, our BP agents can spot a sex trafficker just like a nurse can spot a kidney stone. Separating kids from adult exploiters is the kindest thing possible. The reality is “daddy” is raping and selling that baby. But liberals want you to keep them together And turn them loose with no questions.

The border problem is not our agents. It’s weak policy and weak physical security. Quit looking to bleeding heart liberal activists with no idea what the border is like, and corrupt politicians that scapegoat our bad ass men and women. If you want to fix the border, ask the damn BP. They are the SME’s. Then, stop sending aid money to countries Carte Blanche. It should come with strings, like non corrupt, accessible healthcare and real security for citizens so they are not trying to bust our borders. Both compassionate for them, and good for us. Anyone blaming BP for this is just ignorant.”

From 2015:

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7 Responses to Medical emergencies at the Mexican border

  1. hocuspocus13 says:

    I’ve read many times that the children and adults attempting to enter the US southern border are sick with many ailments

    Virus etc

    Its absolutely a good thing they cannot just walk in to pass around their illness

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  2. rheavolans says:

    We have officially reached the point in this ongoing farce at the border that I don’t care if I sound hateful: It is not the job of the US taxpayers to foot the bill for every third world lawbreaker who decides to sneak into this country so that they can bankrupt our hospitals and medical facilities and schools and get on our welfare system to suck the government teat.

    I don’t believe for two seconds that the parents of the kid who died are sorry about it. Oh, I suppose they might be, with the uncannny ability certain groups of people to not to be able to think through a process logically. But all that does is provide them reason to be surprised when it happened. “Hmm…so if I expose my daughter to scorching desert daylight temps, freezing desert night temps, little food or water [And I don’t even care to speculate as to whether or not the human smugglers raped that girl at some point on the trip], and then tell border officials her health is good when we get there….it’s their fault she died.”

    I’m not feeling more and more sorry for these invaders the longer this farce drags on. I’m feeling more and more wrathful towards them.

    stella would have to banhammer me if I said what else I thought, so I’ll stop here. I will add that the timeline is the most damning thing against the kid’s father I’ve read, and I won’t say what I think should be done to him, again, because of the banhammer.


    • stella says:

      I’m not about to ban you! I will say that the father in this case did not speak against the Border Patrol. In fact, he was quite honest about it.


      • rheavolans says:

        I don’t know stella. If you heard what I actually thought about these illegal invaders, you might not want me to share it on your blog. As for what I think of the father, he may not have said anything about the Border Patrol, but he needs to be in prison, forever, for what he caused (this is the mild, mild version of what I think should happen to him ) and in SOME OTHER COUNTRY, NOT AMERICA. I don’t want to have to pay to feed and care for him.


  3. jeans2nd says:

    It has been documented, both visually (videos) and on-site reporting, that medical stations were set up for this latest caravan, the one that included the little girl.. Many noted how well-stocked and well-manned the medical facilities were that attended that caravan.

    Why did the medical stations attending the caravans not treat this little girl, and so many others reported to be very sick? Why did the father not take the little girl to the caravan medical personnel? Was there an autopsy performed? If no, why not? Have not heard those questions, and so many more, asked.

    Re: Faulkner asking about Nogales – Nogales MX is a hole, as Faulkner noted. Nogales AZ is a fine little town. And there is a wall between the two now.

    Our BP agents are some of the finest people walking this earth. The mistreatment of our BP agents is beyond reason.

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  4. czarowniczy says:

    I’m not sure if it’s still going on but hospitals all over the South, especially Florida, have a history of Latin/South American people flying in, getting treatment then stiffing them. Our taxes, higher health insurance premiums and co-pays help fund it, but then so do our indirect tax payments when the hospitals deduct losses on their tax forms. That’s us, jes as gen-rus as weuns can be.

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