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3 Responses to Tweet of the day …

  1. stella says:

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  2. Lucille says:

    Keep it up, Mr. President. Keep showing the Dems don’t care about Americans.

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  3. czarowniczy says:

    I like the way Trump refers to his opposition in the diminutive: Chuck and Nancy, not by their titles.I might say, were Trump not a businessman, that he was being condescending and childish. If I look at it from the business-deal side I see him defining, owning, his opposition by reducing their status in the eyes of others.
    He speaks not in diplomatic, political or other squishy appeasing tones but the same staccato, bold and controlling tones you’d expect were he making a major business deal. Compare his speeches with other recent Rat presidents – then compare them to Reagan. Main difference, to me, is that Reagan had years of training and experience with delivery for stage/screen while Trump learned through direct business contact
    Business leaders learn to control their through speaking and body language while politicians have to be reserved in their presentation as today’s enemy may well be tomorrow’s ally. The pols aren’t quite sure how to deal with someone like Trump so as he goes on the verbal attack they just rely on that same old squishy pol-speak they’re used to. Nancy and Chuck, he says it as if he owns them and so far I don’t see them reclaiming their status.

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