Dem politicians want you to think they are just like you

What’s the deal with millionaire and billionaire politicians like Robert Francis O’Rourke (a man of Irish heritage who likes to be known as ‘Beto’ – apparently to appeal to Hispanic voters in Texas.), Elizabeth Warren and Kirsten Gillibrand making videos of themselves in the kitchen?

As a Facebook friend says, ‘Do we want to see the inside of our Senators’ homes? Do we care if they are ‘relatable?’ Does anyone believe that Beto, who is married to a billionaire, cooks for the family? Or that Lizzy, who works, makes dinner? ‘

Here’s more than 45 minutes of Beto and family making a cozy dinner:

Here’s Lizzie Warren drinking beer in her kitchen, live streaming on Instagram (courtesy of CBS News). Notice the Little Black Sambo figurine (or cookie jar) on top of her cabinet:

Kirsten Gillibrand tweeted about her berry cobbler:

(Did she steal that shirt from Pajama Boy?)

And then there’s the new kid in Congress, Ocasio-Cortez. Here she is cooking black bean soup on Instagram:

Lots of material here.

Somebody should be following them around to all the restaurants they go to. It will make for a good montage.

Maybe the Republicans could make parody videos. With road kill and Pabst. Or hunting and moonshine. Or perhaps a theme of, “Since we can’t go to restaurants any more because of attacks by insane thug Democrats, we now cook at home.”

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17 Responses to Dem politicians want you to think they are just like you

  1. hocuspocus13 says:

    I guess the DemoKKKrats want to look like the all American Apple Pie People

    Before they drop the Hammer on the Real American People with their Socialist Agenda

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  2. jeans2nd says:

    FIrst Lizzie Warren must clean up her English. “I’m gonna get me a beer”??? Mom would have a fit.
    Can hear Mom now – “Get me? Me??? You did not offer first to others? Were you reared in a barn? Where are your manners? And it is get myself, not get me. Who taught you to speak thus?” And on and on and on…

    Our dinner cooking never took all the time these id10ts take. Stick a frozen roast in the oven at 250 before you leave for work. Rush home at lunch to add cabbage, carrots, potatoes, etc.
    Rush home after work to stick a load of clothes in the washer before dinner. while praying the oven did not catch fire. Put clothes in dryer before doing the dishes and homework.
    Mom was also going to college during our Jr and Sr high school years, while Dad was working on his Masters and Doctorate.

    When these id10ts can do all that, plus driving the kids to and from school, practice, doc appts, grocery shopping, etc etc, then we’ll talk.

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  3. czarowniczy says:

    Yeah, they have to hire professional spinners and PR companies to make me think they’re just like me. When was the last time they were shot at by enemies of the US that the Democrats were supporting band enabling?

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  4. czarowniczy says:

    Hey, Ocasio-Cortez, isn’t that Che’s recipe from his ‘Revolution in Cooking’ book? If you double the quantities will there be Left overs?


    • czarowniczy says:

      Gracias, OC, but I’ll stick with my Cuban Moros y Cristianos. Sorry, but I saw what the last Democratic community organizer served up and I couldn’t swallow that either.
      Lord, these things just write themselves.

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  5. czarowniczy says:

    OC favors a 70% tax on the wealthy – can you see super-Trump-haters like Bezos coughing up some $84-billion or Gates tossing some $66-billion in tribute to those Leftists they support and enable? And that’s just the opening shot, they end up coughing up 70% of their earnings each year.
    Then again, OC comes from a Caribbean culture that hasn’t managed to claw its way out of a dependency ethos so it’s understandable.

    Maybe next time OC decides to dance for the public she can kill two capitalist birds with one stone:

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    • lovely says:

      Did ya’ see Anderson Cooper’s face while Ocasio was throwing out numbers and talking about the “tippy toppy” earners?

      Anderson is not going to like the monster he helped create.

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  6. lovely says:

    They all see Ocasio as a threat.

    Soon they will be dancing and making self deprecating remarks about their “dancing while white”.

    Except Beto he is more likely to do the Mexican Hat dance than an Irish jig.

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  7. jeans2nd says:

    Warren was in Council Bluffs, Iowa last night for her first kickoff “rally.”
    Dad and his entire family being from Council Bluffs and Neola, I watched.
    Guaranteed none of my family was there. This womyn is nukin’ futz. Warren talks all family and middle class values, and how D.C. is so corrupt, and we need to clean up D.C., and it is all Pres Trump’s doing, blah blah blah…then outlines more yumongous programs to come and be run from D.C. Warren wants a CFPB for insurance companies.

    No one asked Warren how to pay for all this new stuff. One woman did ask Warren to ease up on promoting her beloved abortion mills. Warren changed the subject, pointing out that she and the woman were old friends.

    Warren lied and lied. Warren described cages and pens, holding men and women separately, all in a huge room, with pens of children in the middle, holding all the captured “migrants.” No one asked Warren where this was located, nor why Congress had not yet stopped this abuse.
    Anyone ever hear of these places? No? Could it be these places do not exist?

    There is more, but you get the idea. 45 minutes of bouncy Lizzie, all happy-go-lucky smiles and youthful vigor, lying and lying and lying. The vid is on Global News youtube channel, should you care to view for yourself.

    Council Bluffs and Pottawatomie County was Trump country in 2016, which told me the people had not changed much since the summers we spent there growing up, and for me well into adulthood. smh
    Those Massachusetts people are beyond hope.


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