Music of the day – World’s Largest Virtual #Hallelujah Chorus

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4 Responses to Music of the day – World’s Largest Virtual #Hallelujah Chorus

  1. czarowniczy says:

    W used to so enjoy going to the Tabernacle and watching the choir practice. The regular performances are just about always filled but the practices, to us, was much better and hardly attended.
    The organ is amazing, the organists would frequently play different pieces to practice, loosen up and – I’m sure – play to the practice attendees. They could play what they wanted vice a scripted presentation.
    The acoustics are amazing, the standard display is to have the guide stand on stage and brush the sleeve on his jacket with his hand, You are sitting way back in the seats and you can clearly hear his brushing.
    My then-wife (apparently I practice serial polygamy) had a great grandfather who was a craftsman and worked on the Tabernacle so the trips there were almost a pilgrimage but they were worthwhile, a true joy. If you are ever in the capital of Deseret you gotta stop by for a performance or practice.

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    • czarowniczy says:

      Probably a bad time to mention this but I don’t do it with malice so here goes.
      My ex-MIL was from a family that went back to the first settlers who came in thru Emigration Canyon, their family names are well known.
      She grew up in a then small Salt Lake bedroom community, halfway between Salt Lake and Ogden, all Mormon and all interconnected. She was a maverick and went off to serve during WWII, marrying a Catholic soldier from Philadelphia and not returning until he retired from the military in the early 60s.
      Even though she was a local she’d converted to Catholicism and when they moved back to the town most of her old friends shunned her, though attempts to bring her back into the fold went on.
      When I married into the family there were attempts to convert us and I remember one discussion where a local church figure was telling us how the other Christian sects, bereft of the teachings of the last true profit…, use wine at their services. The latter day revelations showed that the early Christians actually drank GRAPE JUICE(!) and not the evil wine and they now used grape Kool-Aid in their local services. Well a few years later came Jim Jones (see where I’m going here?) and the Kool-Aid narrative…cooled.

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  2. lovely says:

    Just awesome . You have to watch until the end.

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