Trump may veto the CR over the wall funding; prepares to meet with GOP House members


  • The Senate passes a bill to keep the government running into February.
  • President Donald Trump does not indicate whether he will sign it, which complicates the House’s effort to approve the legislation.
  • Trump and his conservative allies want funding for the president’s proposed border wall in the year-end spending plan.
  • Just last week, Trump said he’d be “proud” to shut down the government over border security funding,

Fears about a partial government shutdown grew Thursday as President Donald Trump left the door open to vetoing a short-term spending bill expected to pass Congress.

The Senate has approved a bill to keep the government running through Feb. 8. But it was unclear Thursday morning whether the House would pass it — or if Trump would sign it — ahead of the midnight Friday deadline to keep the government running. Some GOP members pushed for changes to the legislation, such as Trump’s desired $5 billion to fund his border wall or more disaster relief money.

The president will meet with House Republicans at noon Thursday as lawmakers scramble to find a way forward, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said. Trump “does not want to go further without border security, which includes steel slats or a wall.” Trump started to make “steel slats” synonymous with a “wall” Thursday morning, though he has previously promised his supporters to “build a wall” and make Mexico pay for it.

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10 Responses to Trump may veto the CR over the wall funding; prepares to meet with GOP House members

  1. stella says:

    This is absolutely killing the stock market, and I am personally affected, but this is more important!

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  2. auscitizenmom says:

    I have made up my mind that I am going to support anything President Trump does. There is no other alternative.

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  3. stella says:

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  4. Lucille says:

    President Trump has to know that winning in 2020 will be harder than anything he’s ever done. We know he loves challenges, and he will survive any impeachment attempt. But he MUST keep his promises in a way that will not compromise that promise or he will NOT be re-elected. The wall is a seminal issue.

    Patriotic Americans want the wall and we want it NOW. If the Dems don’t want to fund it, we’ll find another way. Close the government down. Call the Dem’s bluff. They are waiting for President Trump to cave and will have rejoicing in the halls in front of cameras if he does. Never let a Dem rejoice politically. They must not win on this.


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