Alan Dershowitz comments on today’s Flynn sentencing

According to Alan Dershowitz, Flynn did not commit a crime by lying.

He thinks that the judge should find that when the FBI entraps a witness into lying about something that has no material importance to the investigation (the FBI already knew the answers to the questions), no crime has been committed.

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3 Responses to Alan Dershowitz comments on today’s Flynn sentencing

  1. czarowniczy says:

    This is part and parcel of the Deep State’s (for lack of a better term) attack on Trump and ac warning to any others who’d dare interfere with their establishing their fiefdom.
    The DoJ regularly uses the ‘we’ll attack not only you but all of your family and friends’ technique when they have someone they’re after but don’t have enough ‘evidence’ for a clean conviction. I’ve posted before on their court-proven tactic of manufacturing evidence and their use of questionable if not false ‘experts’ in prosecuting targeted individuals. Judges have raked the DoJ/Bureau over the coals for their questionable prosecutorial works yet nothing is ever done, just as nothing will be done in this case.
    Flynn, to me, is just an acceptable civilian casualty in the attack on Trump, an example to those loyal to him that if they stand close to their target they’ll be targeted too – best to abandon your friend now before you and your family are severely damaged.
    I’ll say again that I saw the DoJ under Obama attack – not prosecute but attack – friends who’d been heroes during Katrina, they held large parts of the city together when the government at all levels crumbled and the politicians hid, shaking in fear, under desks. These politicians rewrote the history of their actions during the storm, they weren’t hiding in a well upholstered hotel in the French Quarter, enjoying gourmet meals, A/C and clean clothes/bedding – they were astride the piles of loiutter, city flags and shovels in hand, leading the shivering populace thru the floods and onto recovery. One of the officers hounded by the Feds just happened to have extensive photographs of truth and didn’t avoid showing his presentations to anyone at any opportunity and were prosecuted multiple times by the state (found ‘not guilty’ each time) and years later by the Feds in a surprise trial.
    Local pols and grievance groups, still not happy with the state court decisions, went gto DC and convinced the Obama administration to go and try these people, including my friend, on Federal charges. Eric Holder himself came here, stood on the Federal courthouse steps and gave a speech to the press telling them how they were going to nail these officers. Even with a handpicked jury the Feds lost and the judge presiding wrote a scathing denunciation of the Feds that was longer than his decision.
    Our Federal judicial system seems to have become less of a way to protect the people they work for and more of a offensive weapon used by the State to protect its interests.

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    • stella says:

      I hated like hell to give that comment a Like, because of the content. Sad.

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      • czarowniczy says:

        The Feds swept people up under the Danziger Bridge and the Glover shooting, trying to tar people only distantly connected with the main act. In the Glover shooting those ridiculously prosecuted for the burning of the body were lumped in with the totally unconnected officer’s shooting of Glover. It was a political, not a ‘judicial’ lynching that cost the defendants
        a ton of money while actually reducing sentences for some of those already convicted.

        The Feds used proven liars, something that riled the judge, and generally acted like a star chamber rather than a court. In the end the Feds only managed to cause further damages to innocent peoples’ lives and have a number of earlier convictions overturned.

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