PragerU: Why You Should Be a Nationalist

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6 Responses to PragerU: Why You Should Be a Nationalist

  1. czarowniczy says:

    How about you can’t really have a democracy without nationalism? Of course if you allow the engineers to destroy all different cultures and replace them with one overarching, state-created culture and a non-nationalist language like, oh, Esperanto…
    Oh yeah, goods and income redistribution too as if you have a monolithic uni-state then you must have some equality for the masses to prevent the consumption injustices you saw under nationalism. Oh, and you need a song that can inspire and motivate the masses in their struggle foe equality and oneness:

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  2. jeans2nd says:

    After listening to the vid, your auto-complete seems to be more correct. Our betters have been trying to break up the nationalism of the inner-city tribes for over 50 years, Too bad our betters have no auto–complete. Now our betters need an auto-correct. Desperately.

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  3. Can you go to Paris and experience French culture any more? Hardly. Mostly Arab and North African. And their gangs have taken over most of Paris. You couldn’t pay me enough to go to Paris.

    How about you wanna experience English culture by going to London?

    Heh. 😆 LOL. Not no more, innit?

    Somalis in Minnesota are Americans? NO. They’re Somalis in Minnesota.

    If I move me and my white wife (would that I were blessed with one) to Japan, and we both become citizens, our great^20 grandparents still won’t be Japanese. We’ll be Americans living in Japan.

    God created the Nations. Also so did etymology.

    Think about how many words have “nat” in their subject. That means “birth”.

    Prenatal, right? Nativity. National. Natural. Post-natal. Nationalism. I’m sure there are many more.

    Just read Genesis 5-6 again. Try and grok it. Heck, actually 1-11. I believe it’s all true.

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  4. Nationalism is the real Diversity.

    We needs lots of different nations. Not grey goo.

    I don’t know if we can turn back this clock. We’re at the grey goo stage, or very close.

    Israel still hasn’t expanded.

    Israel could, if it wanted to, take all of the M.E., and easily. But they don’t.

    Great video.

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