Science Experiment – the most expensive way to steal music

I watched this earlier this morning, and thought it was interesting. Unless you have a vacuum chamber, you probably can’t replicate the experiment, but it’s fun to watch!

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10 Responses to Science Experiment – the most expensive way to steal music

  1. This looks pretty fun! I wonder how the music industry will stop this if it catches on 😉

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  2. auscitizenmom says:

    Very interesting.

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  3. tessa50 says:

    That was neat.

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  4. My way is labor intensive, but I’m quick with it. Cue up your YouTube (or Spotify, or Pandora) playlist, open up Audacity (freeware awesomeness), hit the red Record button, hit play on the other window, and then, after recording it all, divide up the audio tracks with Ctrl-H, at the blank spots, name the tracks, and export them as CDA files. Not hard once you get the hang of it. It’s like we used to do with cassette recorders and radio. Same principle. Hit record+play, give the cassette to a friend. It’s not technically downloading music. It’s recording it.


    • So, no. I don’t download music illegally. Most times I buy it, and give the CD to a friend, while keeping the digital version Amazon gives you, but sometimes I use that method. I’m not downloading. I’m hitting record+play on my cassette player. And giving what I recorded to a friend. I haven’t done Limewire or torrents in many years. I’ll either work for it or pay for it. I prefer to pay for it, so the artist gets paid. But if it’s old stuff and the artist is living on his or her private island, I just might record it with Audacity. Sometimes.


  5. It’s funny (not ha-ha) that it’s always my third comment of the day that is held in moderation.

    Every time. That’s usually the one that I took the longest time to think about and write.

    LOL, I guess. But it’s every time.


    • WordPress basically says, “You took more than 3 minutes to write a comment! You’re a thinker! We don’t want you people commentin’! ” And puts those comments in spam. You better be quick on the draw with your keyboard, or your comment is gone.


  6. And I prove myself right.


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