Music of the day – American Soldier

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7 Responses to Music of the day – American Soldier

  1. nc Woody says:

    What did you do in the war daddy. Not every soldier was a combat soldier but every soldier did what was need so the combat soldiers were able to do their duty. That is why they were and are so good. A soldier is any one in uniform.

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    • Col.(R) Ken says:

      nc Woody, so true! As a Pvt, that lesson was burned in my memory……….I could tell you about a couple of mechanic, cooks, when needed their rifles were at the ready. Threw out my career a soldier is a soldier………. Thank you for jogging my memory of good men and women who were ready when needed.

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    • czarowniczy says:

      There were a lot of support troops behind us and alongside of us and we couldn’t have done our jobs had they not done theirs. Someone had to bring the bullets and rations, someone had to fix the stuff we used that broke, someone had to patch us up when we were broken. It’s a team, a machine, and none of it works without mutual support.
      Every Marine and every Army soldier is also a rifleman (can’t bring myself to say ‘rifleperson’) and where they may have trouble maneuvering they can still put lead on target if the need be.


  2. I might have posted this here before. The creator of the vocoder, or AutoTune, would reconsider his regret that he created the vocoder, or AutoTune, if he heard this song. And many others. He made a tool. Bon Iver used it to great effect. So did Fun..


  3. Here we go.

    What this band did with the thing the inventor developed is insane. And the inventor regretted that he made it. Only because the 90s musicians hadn’t yet figured it out yet, and everything the recorded using it sounded like garbage. Sad because even Pink Floyd could have figured out that tech. Bon Iver does this thing live, true to the recording. It’s sick and wonderful.

    What people can do with audio tech.


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