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  1. hocuspocus13 says:

    So Menendez was up on a corruption charges and was acquitted by 1 female juror who voted in his favor

    I believe it was 11-1

    It just so happened that the 1 juror that got Menendez acquitted was at his reelection victory party the other night

    Only in the DemoKKKrat Party would they be so open and comfortable with putting it right out there 👹

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  2. auscitizenmom says:

    Yes, so proud. SMH

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  3. michellc says:

    The sad thing is they are proud. I see those I haven’t blocked on FB spouting it all over what great people they elected who are going to remove Drump and Rapanaugh and force the Senate Republican states to investigate the fraud.

    I don’t block them all that post on an Oklahoma political group because although sad, it’s still entertainment reading their ignorance.

    Some become so annoying though with their constant welcome all the poor folks just wanting a better life a hundred times a day that I block them to just not have to see it anytime I get on FB.

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    • MaryfromMarin says:

      “The sad thing is they are proud.”

      Yes, proud of all the destruction that these newly-elected officials will promote and/or support.

      “Do not go gentle into that good night”. Fight back. Resist. Stand firm.

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      • michellc says:

        Someone told me the other day I should try to convince them with facts instead of blocking them because we shouldn’t be in our bubbles.
        I told them you don’t convince people who live in their own reality and facts to them are what they feel is true.
        I’m too old for that crap and prefer to hang out with rational people and ignore irrational as much as possible.
        I’ve learned you can’t fight them by trying reason because they’re not reasonable.

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        • lovely says:

          Delusional people can’t be reasoned with. It is as simple as that.

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        • AMEN!!! I’m not quite a geezer but there’s no way I’m going to waste my time trying to talk sense into the nonsensical. When I heard far too many idiots claiming to vote for Phil Murphy as NJ’s governor because “he’s going to legalize weed, man!!!” I decided to start up my own “walk away” campaign. I walked away from the idiocy, ignorance & support of blatant fraud & cheating. After seeing & hearing about the fraud that took place all across Southern NJ at the polls (countless people had had their voting method changed to mail-in without their request to do so) & having Bob “I like ’em young” Menendez remain in senate because screechers that cling to the MeeeeToooo & I Buhleeb Her movements don’t really care about sex assault/rape/pedophilia victims & will toe the [D] line. I say let these morons stew in the mayhem they create & when things go HARD right, they will only have themselves to blame.

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          • michellc says:

            The older I get the more I don’t want to associate at all with people who annoy me.
            I don’t discuss anything with progressive idiots, I honestly could care less what they think or say and avoid as much as possible.
            About the only people I still bother to discuss anything with are Republicans claiming to be conservatives who spout liberal bs. Then it’s only Oklahoma voters because I hope either they realize the error of their ways or they realize they’re really liberals and become democrats so they’ll quit screwing up our primaries.


  4. czarowniczy says:

    Makes me wanna give up my guns and toast the Rats even more. I mean, with an assemblage like they’re putting together what could possibly go wrong?

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