Live: Fox Nation Midterm Election Special

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  1. NC Nana says:

    Good evening all,

    My husband thought this was serious enough issue that I should say something to other people that follow elections.

    My husband and I have always been interested in election returns so I don’t wait for the “news” organizations I go straight to the State Elections returns to read the unofficial results.

    I always set up my computer before the polls close so we can see the returns as they start coming in. Tonight when I went to the NC State Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement site to set up the unofficial election results, returns were already posted in the Federal offices.

    Under NC Law County Boards of Elections can count absentee ballots early under certain conditions but they can’t announce the result before 7:30 p.m. (when the polls close.) – NC State Statute 163A-1315(2)

    I called the State Board office to report that returns had already been posted and the telephone receptionist laughed at me and hung up on me. I called a second time and told the telephone receptionist that this was a serious call about a serious matter and I wished to speak with a supervisor. She asked for details, which I gave to her. I checked the web site later and the Federal election returns had been zeroed out.

    I called the State Board a third time and asked to speak with a supervisor again. My thought was just to find out what is going on. – – How it got posted in the first place. It is 8:09 p.m. here and a supervisor has not called me back yet.

    The fear of course is voter suppression when returns are posted before the polls close.

    Be vigilant we the people.

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  2. tessa50 says:

    I really am trying to read these things scrolling, but having trouble. Please forgive all the questions. Has anyone seen anything on Cruz?


  3. tessa50 says:

    Cruz is behind. On a lighter note, someone must have told Fox they were scrolling too fast. They slowed it down. lol


  4. Menagerie says:

    I just checked on Tennessee and Georgia results so far. In Georgia Kemp is ahead in the governor’s race, thank God. Looks good for all Republicans down the line in those races that have results yet.

    Surprisingly to me, at least a little, Marsha Blackburn is way ahead of Phil Bredesen in the Tennessee senate race. Bredesen, a Democrat, was a past governor of Tennessee, and pretty popular in the state. Also, all the house races reporting so far in TN have the Repulican well ahead with one exception, where the R is leading, but it is close.

    Things could change, but the top races have about a thirty point difference. I’m optimistic for these two states.

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    • NC Nana says:

      Senator Elect Blackburn comfortably won TN. She is a strong yet gracious lady. I saw her here and there on tea party issues. So even though Bredesen was popular I think she had a good Statewide following because of her conservative values. Then she had President Trump in her corner too.

      These were the numbers from with 99% of the results in:

      Blackburn 1,196,120 54.42%
      Bredesen 971,655 44.2%

      What I have found here in NC is that a lot of natives vote Blue in Local/State and Red in Federal elections. 2010 was the first time there was a Republican controlled NC Govenor, NC Senate, and NC House in something like 150 years. Yet the people consistently voted Republican in prior US Senate and President races even when they were voting Democrat for NC offices. (The exception of voting President Obama I still don’t get.)

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  5. auscitizenmom says:

    What I find a little strange is how many of the Reps were way ahead when the results first started coming out. And, then all of a sudden they were behind.

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  6. stella says:

    Republicans have picked up a Senate seat.

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  7. NC Nana says:

    Based on the early returns (these would mostly be mail-in absentee and early voting) the Democrats have done a good job on the get out the vote activity in NC.

    Mark Meadows has a very significant lead in his district. Patrick McHenry looks safe. It will be a good hour or more before we can express confidence in other races. There are too many precincts that have not reported yet.

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  8. jeans2nd says:

    You all will understand this better than next door. Richard Cordray is leading in Ohio, with DeWine slowly catching up. Sherrod Brown (D) already won Senate.
    But…Richard Cordray…shudder. We need prayers over here in Krooked Kasick’s Korrupt Ohio.
    Richard Cordray. Think of it. smh


  9. NC Nana says:

    Wake is one of the 2 biggest counties in NC. They have reported zero returns from any precinct. They say the tabulators are having trouble counting the ballots because of moisture. If they cannot get those ballots dried out to feed through the tabulators this will be a long night in NC because hand counting will be required.

    Historically Wake is one of the first counties to report election results. Which is what you want. That is why modem reporting of election results is so important. I could go into a lot of details on why but for now take my word. This will be an election to follow.

    This is from a press release by the State Board of Elections:

    “In some precincts in Wake County and other areas cannot be fed through tabulators.

    Initial reports from county elections offices indicate this issue is caused by high humidity levels. When ballots cannot be read by tabulators, they are stored securely in “emergency bins” and will be tabulated as soon as possible.”


  10. Lucille says:

    By now you all must know we’ve lost the House. A FOX blip just popped up on my screen. To say that I’m sick at heart would be an understatement.

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  11. czarowniczy says:

    Louisiana is all Republican except 2nd district which was and remains solidly Rat. Fox is calling the House to go Rat with the Senate still, but barely, Republican.
    Cedric Richmond, sitting in that 2nd district seat ‘Dollar Bill’ Jefferson used to own, is chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus and is looking at more powerful sears in the House. A Louisiana Rat, following in the cloven hoofprints of Marc Morial, Bill Jefferson and the ghosts of the Long family…hang on to your wallets, seal your trash cans and get your dog spayed.


  12. stella says:

    Some calling the Texas Senate race for Cruz.

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  13. stella says:

    Looks like Michigan has a Dem governor, and probably Dems will keep the Senate seat.

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  14. tessa50 says:

    Oh no, no, no. Ocasio-Cortez won. I just don’t get it.


  15. tessa50 says:

    142 to 149. Politico is projecting a win for dems of the house.


  16. Lucille says:

    Ted Cruz just gave a very nice, heartfelt victory speech.

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  17. Lucille says:

    Kevin Cramer is getting ready to give his victory speech, ole Heidi Heitkamp losing.

    Listening to DeSantis’ victory speech. First female Cuban, Nunez, now Lt. Governor elect.

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  18. NC Nana says:

    House races in NC

    Incumbents returning to US House: Mark Meadows, Patrick McHenry, Tedd Budd, and Walter Jones.

    Virginia Foxx has a significant lead.

    Other House races are still only partially reported.

    Wake County has started reporting Election Day returns for some precincts. Only 22 of the 70 precincts in George Holding’s district have reported returns in Wake County. He is leading in the other counties.

    Mark Harris is ahead but there are still 4 precincts to report and it is close right now.

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  19. Lucille says:

    I don’t yet see the results for Senate/Florida, Rick Scott. He was ahead with 99% counted a few minutes ago.


    • tessa50 says:

      Election results
      Map Percent Candidate Party Votes Winner
      50.4% Rick Scott GOP 4,047,079
      49.6% Bill Nelson* Dem 3,990,719
      99.9% of precincts reporting (6,102/6,111) *Incumbent


  20. NC Nana says:

    Roy Blum has come out and said Josh Hawley won Missouri but Senator Elect Hawley has not come out yet. Maybe they are waiting for a concession from McCaskill?


  21. Lucille says:

    Josh Hawley for President in 2024?


  22. NC Nana says:

    Add these NC Republicans to the winning US House List:

    George Holding
    B. Mark Walker
    David Rouzer
    Richard Hudson

    Keep Mark Harris in your prayers. He is ahead but it is close. There are 3 precincts to report.


  23. NC Nana says:

    Fox has Rick Scott checked off as winning Florida now. The numbers are close but they evidently are comfortable to declare the race:

    Scott 4,047,079 50.35%
    Nelson 3,990,719 49.65%

    Does this confirm once again every vote counts!


    • stella says:

      He gave his victory speech.


      • NC Nana says:

        Thanks for the tip Stella.

        I looked his speech up on YT. Parts were moving and parts were uplifting. I was surprised that the Bush brothers came to FL to help him. Senator Elect Scott’s wife looked particularly beautiful tonight. Senator Cruz’s wife did too for that matter.

        Sweet Dreams.


  24. stella says:

    Wisconsin Governor’s race, according to OANN, Walker is leading by fewer than 200 votes.


  25. NC Nana says:

    The last precinct result just came in for US House Dist 9 Representative Elect Mark Harris. He will be a freshmen Congressman. I believe him to be a principled man.

    Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

    That gives NC 10 Republican Congress members and 3 Democrat Congress members.


  26. NC Nana says:

    Just one more thing.

    NC had a referendum on the ballot to Require Voter ID. It passed 55.51% to 44.49%.

    We have had the State Legislature pass laws before establishing voter ID requirements but the court struck the laws down. Wonder what the courts will say now that the people have spoken on the issue directly.

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