Seen on Facebook – Congress is proactive on birthright challenge?

[Written by a friend of a friend]

With all the talk and confusion surrounding Trump’s decision to put troops at the border, pen an EO on Immigration and the worry….Will the EO hold up at the Supreme Court, specifically if Justice Robert’s will be a problem? Let’s review a few things.

Most missed that Senator Grassley fired off a letter to DHS and the State Dept. demanding specific answers. Grassley is gathering the necessary info and coordinating with DHS and State Dept. He’s gathering the info the DOJ will need when the EO is challenged.

So, instead of ‘reacting’ to a court challenge, Grassley is being proactive so the case doesn’t linger like they did with the Travel Ban challenges. Those sat for a YEAR, while people who had no right to be here flooded in.

In the letter Grassley SPECIFICALLY asks ‘how many were offered asylum and in what country’…and HOW MANY REFUSED IT. That question will be one of the ones SCOTUS will hone in on.

You can’t declare that you fear for your safety when you declined protection from another country already.

Senator Grassley will hand off his findings to AG Sessions.

When the activist judges scream the EO IS ILLEGAL, AG Sessions will already have the numbers and facts to move it to SCOTUS for an Emergency Hearing ASAP, thanks to Senator Grassley’s proactive work.


Shortly after Grassley published his letter, President Trump gave his presser on Immigration.

President Trump learned NOT to roll out an EO without having the data to back it up when challenged. He’s waiting for Grassley to get the intel.

The BIG takeaways from President Trump’s Immigration Presser:

1. POTUS says his admin will soon issue EO disallowing asylum claims by those who illegally cross the border, forcing migrants to claim asylum at legal ports of entry.

2. Trump has ended catch and release.

3. He is putting the blame on the Democrat party. I don’t know how they recover from this within the black voting block. THIS issue is a BIG ONE FOR BLACK VOTERS. They have lost millions of jobs to illegals.

4. If migrants throw rocks at our troops it WILL be considered the SAME AS SHOOTING AT THEM. The troops have permission to DEFEND THEMSELVES.
In other words… chuck rocks at the US troops, they can shoot you.


Most forget SCOTUS ruled on THAT issue already.We’ll come back to that.

Now let’s talk about Justice John Robert’s.

I’ve seen many comment’s stating concern over how he might rule in the EO on Immigration that President Trump is getting ready to pen.

I understand the concern, I DO. We ALL remember Robert’s decision on Obamacare.
It horrified us all. Many believed Robert’s was blackmailed in his decision. Maybe so. Maybe not. WE can’t prove it either way. We can only speculate WHY he ruled as he did.

Now, there are legal CONSERVATIVE opinions that were penned at the time arguing his ruling left open the door for legal challenges over the ‘TAX’ part of Obamacare and that would abolish it. You can look those up and read them for yourself.

One thing we DO NOT have to speculate on are Justice Robert’s past ruling’s on recent Immigration cases.


Circling back to whether President Trump can detain Immigrants:

This case was whether Illegal AND Legal immigrants can be held.

In the 5-3 Ruling, Justice Elena Kagan recusing, the court ruled that immigrants DO NOT have the right to periodic bond hearings.

“Immigration officials are authorized to detain certain aliens in the course of immigration proceedings while they determine whether those aliens may be lawfully present in the country,” Justice Samuel Alito wrote in the majority opinion.
Justices Thomas, Roberts, Kennedy and Gorsuch concurred with the ruling.


👉June, 2018 – TRUMP VS HAWAII (aka – The Travel Ban)

It was Justice John Roberts who wrote the Majority Opinion.

The Supreme Court issued a 5-4 decision in Trump v. Hawaii. The decision, written by Chief Justice John Roberts and joined by Justices Anthony Kennedy, Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito and Neil Gorsuch, held that “[t]he President has lawfully exercised the broad discretion granted to him under [8 U.S.C.] §1182(f) to suspend the entry of aliens into the United States.


BOTH of those cases already covered some areas Trump is talking about.
All President Trump is doing is getting a SINGLE RULING CLOSING ANY LOOP HOLE LEFT.

I have ZERO worries about Justice Robert’s. His ruling’s on Immigration cases are enough for me.

What do YOU think?

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3 Responses to Seen on Facebook – Congress is proactive on birthright challenge?

  1. stella says:

    Migrant caravan coordinator says demand for Mexico to provide buses has ‘failed’

    The leading migrant caravan trying to make its way to the United States border is admitting defeat after asking the Mexican government to provide dozens of buses to speed up the group’s journey northward.

    The setback comes days after caravan leaders asked for “safe and dignified” transport to Mexico City, a checkpoint along the way for a group that has been dwindling in size as members either apply for protected status in Mexico or drop out over fatigue exacerbated by the sweltering weather conditions they have been facing.

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  2. auscitizenmom says:

    I’m glad to know that there are a few Congresspersons who have an interest in helping the President’s agenda to protect us. :\

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  3. jeans2nd says:

    Do not forget that guy who sits unnoticed in the back office. The guy only I was able to see and noticed (Y-town, OH rally) pacing, flipping a sheath of papers, behind the curtain, the guy who wrote the speeches and ran the teleprompter.
    Stephen Miller. Former right-hand man to AG Jeff. Guy who knows how AG Jeff’s mind works. Who was Stephen Miller’s bestie among the Congressional aides while AG Jeff was in the Senate?
    This one ought to be a slam dunk. imo


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