Defense and Homeland Security Departments Press Conference on Border Security – October 29, 2018

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9 Responses to Defense and Homeland Security Departments Press Conference on Border Security – October 29, 2018

  1. Lucille says:

    They gave out as much information as possible without specific plans being revealed. The info about Mexico offering asylum is something the invasion force needs to be aware of. I doubt most of them have a clue, however, because it’s to the advantage of the leftie organizers to keep people uninformed.

    When this force arrives at our border and have not done their proper application/paperwork, international law says they haven’t a leg to stand on. Unfortunately and as you know, due to Democrat malfeasance-in-law-making if they do make it across that sets up the whole Democrat “catch and release” unless the President can enforce an Executive Order that is adjudicated by the Supreme Court immediately. It’s definitely a law which will be headed for the dustbin when we win on November 6th.

    May God grant Supernatural wisdom in planning to President Trump, his Administration, the departments involved in this operation, and to the troops deployed plus the Border Patrol agents. May He grant success in protecting our nation.

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  2. auscitizenmom says:

    They will be armed.

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  3. stella says:

    That first press questioner. Does she not listen? Two questions about why they weren’t using the National Guard, when it was just said that these troops are in addition to the National Guard.


  4. NC Nana says:

    This video was excellent. It filled in so many questions that have come up the last few days.

    I was happy to hear the General say the troops will carry weapons.

    I had an exchange of ideas with someone by the name of Chole* from CO Saturday night at CTH on this topic. We agreed our understanding of the law is once Mexico had offered asylum, employment, and medical the people seeking asylum were required by law to accept that asylum in the safe country of Mexico. I was happy to hear the DOD and CBP confirm that understanding.

    It was Chole’s conjecture that on the last invasion force all the technical legal steps were not followed by Mexico so those laws could not be applied that time. This time the steps did take place. Therefore we are seeing the US military move in to insure the border is secure.

    I pray the Holy Spirit will whisper to each of the people in the invasion force that they must turn back. In Jesus name, amen.

    * Chole name means “Victory Of The People”

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  5. NC Nana says:

    Joe diGenova on the Legalities of the Migrant Caravan

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  6. lovely says:

    Man. What did President Trump do? Mexico offering asylum is fabulous. President Trump is planning for every contingency when things go south at the border.

    I still believe that they will turn back. Or assimilate into Mexico at some point.

    We will not allow a large group to enter the United States unlawfully.

    Hard to keep information from folks with smart phones. We have to have agents embedded in the horde.

    So the hordes choice is to face the cartels or face President Trump’s idea of border control. President Trump has told the world that he considers the caravan a clear and present danger to America.

    President Trump and Vice President Pence have said this is a challenge of our sovereignty.

    Also notice that President Trump is doubling down on his war against the corrupt propaganda wing of the democratic party.

    What a perfect name, “Faithful Patriot” that is an incredible persuasion tool as our buddy Scott would say (or not, I haven’t listened to his option on the border showdown yet).

    Not Shock and Awe simply “Faithful Patriot” imagine the Soros signs now “Stop Faithful Patriot”.

    This is another defining moment for President Trump.

    And not a single member of the MSM asked a single question to indicate that they have any understanding of what is happening.

    Really? This was a real question!?

    ”You have the potential for having more troops on the border than in Syria and Iraq?”


    Build the wall.

    What a time to be alive.


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