Why Everyone Should Vote Republican – Bill Whittle

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1 Response to Why Everyone Should Vote Republican – Bill Whittle

  1. The Tundra PA says:

    Thanks for this Stella. It is well worth the 26 minutes and I enjoy seeing how Bill constructs most of his arguments. I do get a little tired of the moral equivalence of “both parties are bad but Democrats are worse” as if there is not a logarithmic difference between them. I also am worn out with the “Trump is not Presidential enough” crap. We’ve seen what “Presidential” gets us: losers like Mitt Romney and John McCain. I understand Bill Whittle’s strategy, and his target audience of liberals and fence-sitters. He is following Sun Zu’s guidance to leave your enemy a face-saving way out. Show them how to both think well of themselves and vote for Republican candidates. I don’t have the patience to argue with liberals any more. I am glad there are people like Bill and Tucker Carlson who do.

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