Watch Live: DOJ holds presser on mail bomb suspect arrest

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5 Responses to Watch Live: DOJ holds presser on mail bomb suspect arrest

  1. NC Nana says:

    Catherine Herridge talks about the overly large black print on the mailing labels that allowed LEO’s to identify printer lots. With this information they could identify the part of the country the printers originally came from. It starts at 12:21

    This clip talks about the PIN Register Warrants that allowed LEO’s to look into the suspects phone records:

    This looks like a wrap on this story. πŸ™‚ If they start talking about the border again one of y’all give me a holler. Otherwise I’m taking the afternoon off. Cause the good LEO’s are out there watching things now.


  2. czarowniczy says:

    Well, I predicted they’d find a deep South male…little did I think it would be a Hispanic from New York. Thinking at first he was Cuban as he’s in Florida but I’m hearing other Caribbean possibilities.
    That’s of least interest to me, what tickles me most is three separate news outlets I’ve seen refer to him as ‘white’. Are they that desperate to not cast any shadows on the herd of lo pobres schlepping their way to the Land of the Free Lunch that they’re portraying an OBVIOUSLY Hispanic man as white? What’s La Raza’s take on this racial repurposing?


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