General Discussion, Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Printing Press

In 1455, Johannes Gutenberg developed the first mechanized printing press. He converted an old wine press to enable a heavy screw to press a printing block against paper. His machine enabled a huge reduction in the cost of producing books and would remain in use until the steam driven press in the 19th Century.

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  1. Lucille says:

    Hayley Westenra – “Gabriel’s Oboe” [“Whispers In A Dream” lyrics by H. Westenra] – Mario Frangoulis Live with The Boston Pops

    Whispers in a dream
    The world is quiet and waiting
    And all around the air is still
    Then sings the angel.
    When all has come to pass
    The storm has breathed its last
    And the rain has washed their fears away
    Love will fall.

    Whispers in the wind
    The clouds part to let the light in
    And all around the people sigh
    As birds take to the sky.
    When all has come to pass
    The storm has breathed its last
    And the rain has washed their fears away
    Love will fall
    On us all
    The world will smile again.

    Whispers in a dream
    The world is quiet and waiting
    And all around the air is still
    Then sings the angel
    When all has come to pass
    The storm has breathed its last
    And the rain has washed their fears away
    Love will fall
    On us all
    And we can smile again.

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  2. nyetneetot says:

    Mornin’ stella! (Smiter of those that ought to be smote) 😎 🍸 (Long Island Iced Tea)
    Mornin’ WeeWeed! (Master Mixologist Extrodinare) 😎 🍸 (Old Fashioned)
    Mornin’ Menagerie! 😎 |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| (Jack Daniels – Single Barrel )
    Mornin’ Ad rem! (Queen Felis catus) 🐱 🍸 (Flaming Lamborghini)
    Mornin’ Sharon! 😎 🍸 🍸 (earthquake)
    Mornin’ ytz4mee! 😎 🍸 (cosmopolitan)
    Mornin’ waltzingmtilda! 🙂 🍸 (white wine and perrier)
    Mornin’ partyzantski! 🙂 |_| (Tom Collins)
    Mornin’ texan59! 🙂 |_| (Black & Tan)
    Mornin’ ZurichMike! 🙂 🍸 (fuzzy navel)
    Mornin’ Col.(R) Ken! (hand salute) 🙂 |_| (Boilermaker)
    Mornin’ czarina33! (aka czarina) 🙂 🍸 (Lynchburg Lemonade)
    Mornin’ czarowniczy! 🙂 |_| (Wild Turkey Rare Breed)
    Mornin’ letjusticeprevail2014! 🙂 |_| (Irish Car Bomb)
    Mornin’ Patriot1783-ctdar! (aka “ctdar”) 🙂 🍸 (grasshopper)
    Mornin’ tessa50! 🙂 🍸 (flaming volcano)
    Mornin’ waltzingmtilda! 🙂 🍸 (sidecar)
    Mornin’ varsityward! 🙂 |_| (Godfather)
    Mornin’ MaryfromMarin! 😀 |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| (Mortlach)
    Mornin’ Wooly Covfefe! (aka “Wooly Phlox” aka “taqiyyologist”) 🙂 |_| (Roy Rogers)
    Mornin’ Howie! (aka “doodahdaze”) 🙂 |_| (Classic Daiquiri)
    Mornin’ TwoLaine! 🙂 |_| (Gin & Tonic)
    Mornin’ Sha! 🙂 🍸 (Lemon Drop)
    Mornin’ BigMamaTEA! 🙂 🍸 (Harvey Wallbanger)
    Mornin’ cetera5! (aka “Cetera”) 🙂 |_| (Blackberry wine)
    Mornin’ The Tundra PA! 🙂 🍸 (Gentleman Jack Whiskey Sling)
    Mornin’ lovely! 🙂 |_| (Backdraft)
    Mornin’ michellc! 🙂 🍸 (Salty dog)
    Mornin’ auscitizenmom! 🙂 🍸 (Kiss on the Lips)
    Mornin’ Margaret-Ann! 🙂 🍸 (White Russian)
    Mornin’ Auntie Lib! 🙂 🍸 (Tom and Jerry)
    Mornin’ holly100! 🙂 🍸 (Jack & Coke)
    Mornin’ Pam! 🙂 (Not even water)
    Mornin’ Ms.Tee! 🙂 🍸 (Mojito)
    Mornin’ koolkosherkitchen! 🙂 🍸 🍸 (Cuba Libre)
    Mornin’ ImpeachEmAll 🙂 |_| (Flaming Dr. Pepper)
    Mornin’ Monroe! 🙂 |_| (Stinger)
    Mornin’ Les! 🙂 |_| (Rusty Nail)
    Mornin’ shiloh1973! 🙂 |_| (Jack Daniels)
    Mornin’ TexasRanger! 🙂 |_| (Whiskey Smash)
    Mornin’ Ziiggii! 🙂 |_| (B52)
    Mornin’ oldiadguy! 🙂 |_| (Rum & Coke)
    Mornin’ smiley! (“stuck in spambucket”) 🙂 🍸 (Spanish coffee)
    Mornin’ derk! (“Stellars”) 🙂 🍸 (Kamikaze)
    Mornin’ Jacqueline Taylor Robson 🙂 🍸 (Shirley Temple)
    Mornin’ facebkwallflower! 🙂 |_| (Night Train Express)
    Mornin’ Ms. Cindy! (aka “Ms Cynlynn” aka “ms cynlynn”) 🙂 🍸 (1970 ducru beaucaillou)
    Mornin’ sandandsea2015! 🙂 🍸 (1961 Château Montrose)
    Mornin’ amwick! 🙂 🍸 (Blue motorcycle)
    Mornin’ hocuspocus13! 🙂 🍸 (1970 Chateau Latour)
    Mornin’ Sloth1963! 🙂 🍸 (1971 Moulin Touchais)
    Mornin’ MTeresa! (Ex-lurker) 🙂 |_| (Albanian Raki Moskat)
    Mornin’ rheavolans! (aka “Rhea Salacia Volans”) 🙂 |_| (Hot Buttered Rum)
    Mornin’ joshua! 🙂 |_| (Mudslide)
    Mornin’ John Denney! 🙂 |_| (RumChata)
    Mornin’ litenmaus! 🙂 |_| (Stolichnaya elit, no ice)
    Mornin’ kinthenorthwest! 🙂 🍸 (A Lonely Island Lost in the Middle of a Foggy Sea)
    Mornin’ TwoLaine! 🙂 |_| (Smoking Bishop)
    Mornin’ patternpuzzler! 🙂 🍸 (Old Lady)
    Mornin’ Senatssekretär FREISTAAT DANZIG! 🙂 |_| (Red Russian)
    Mornin’ G-d&Country! 🙂 🍸 (Blind Russian)
    Mornin’ Gary! 🙂 |_| (Yuengling)
    Mornin’ valeriecurren! 🙂 🍸 (Flaming Sambuca)
    Mornin’ Lucille! 🙂 🍸 (Peach Schnapps)
    Mornin’ Lburg! 🙂 🍸 (Lburg lemonade)
    Mornin’ davidhuntpe! 🙂 |_| (Baileys Irish Cream on the rocks)
    Mornin’ skipper1961! 🙂 |_| (Brompton’s Cocktail – No cherry, no umbrella, no plastic monkey)
    Mornin’ mightyconservative! 🙂 |_| (Benjamin Franklin’s clarified milk punch)
    Mornin’ whiners and complainers! 😛 (No drink for you!)
    Mornin’ to people posting that I missed. 😳
    Mornin’ to all you lurkers! 😕

    Also just in case someday; mornin’ to Elvis Chupacabra, F.D.R. in Hell and sundance! :mrgreen:


    NEW and IMPROVED breakfast with extra bacon for ZurichMike!

    Doughnuts and coffee!

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  3. Menagerie says:

    Here is what makes the memory of the Gutenberg press stick out in my mind. They taught us in school about the Gutenberg Bible and how that was the beginning of what would later enable people to have access to their own bibles. Of course we kids had never thought of that before.

    Good morning all. Another bright fall day I hope.

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    • Menagerie… good morning! I don’t have a clue how my 10th grade world history teacher, Mr. Cheek, had one, but he owned a Gutenberg bible and brought it to school for us to see. I didn’t realize the significance of it then, but looking back on it now, it was amazing that we got to see one.

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    • Gil says:

      Morning! I see you posted Octoberfest next door.
      Im going as a chaperone with kiddo’s class to a pumpkin patch today so Im up at o dark 30. Its nice to get out though and not supposed to be hot!

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      • Menagerie says:

        Have fun Gil. We took our granddaughter out to a fall festival this weekend. Had loads of fun. It was supposed to be the whole family, but one of the boys got sick on the way and they had to go back home. Anyhow, she sure had a blast, loved all the vendors, the animals, the singing, and sampled some good food. She stopped to talk to the vendors as she strolled around, introduced herself and asked their name, and sometimes other questions. It always amazes me to see a true people person at work, even when they are a child.

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      • NC Nana says:

        My husband and I will pick up our grandchildren from band practice and take them to an early dinner this afternoon. Just Grandparent/Grandbabies time.

        Our grandson has always been the outgoing type. When he was a crawling baby, he would crawl across the room to greet you as you enter the room. – – He still does except it is hugs now, hold’s doors open for you etc.

        Our granddaughter has always been the introspective type. When she was a crawling baby she would crawl to you with a book in hand for you to read a story to her. She is still one to be very deep in thought and we have interesting conversations. She does the hugs too and is happy to walk through a door her brother has held open for her.

        Grandbabies are God’s blessing in old age for sure.

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    • NC Nana says:

      Good morning all,

      I did a Bible Study on Jeremiah 36 a couple of years ago. From my notes on that study”

      Following God’s instructions Jeremiah had God’ words written on a scroll.

      “King Jehoiakim was at his winter house. It was cold, and he had a fire burning in front of him. The king sent his servant, Jehudi, to get the scroll. As Jehudi read the words, the king and his officials were not frightened by God’s warning. In fact, as soon as part of the scroll was read, King Jehoiakim would cut that part off with a knife and throw it into the fire! He did this until the entire scroll was burned!

      But God would not allow His words to be destroyed so easily. God said to Jeremiah, “Take another scroll and write on it the same words I told you to write on the first scroll.” Jeremiah obeyed God. Jeremiah gave another scroll to Baruch. Baruch wrote all the same words God had told Jeremiah to write on the first scroll. God added many more words to the new scroll.”

      One of my notes from that study was the number of Bibles printed. I feel certain that these numbers don’t include the electronic copies of the Holy Bible read every day.

      Here are those numbers:

      Number of total Bibles Printed 6,001,500,000

      Approximate number of languages spoken in the world today 6,900

      Number of translations into new languages currently in progress 1,300

      Number of languages with a translation of the New Testament 1,185

      Number of languages with a translation of the Bible (Protestant Canon) 451

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    • The Tundra PA says:

      Several years ago, DH and I took a fabulous week-long riverboat cruise up the Rhine River from Amsterdam to Zurich (really wanted to stop in and see Zurich Mike, but there wasn’t time). One of the highlights of the trip for me was stopping at Mainz, Germany and visiting the Gutenberg Museum. We were able to see several of his Bibles, but of course not allowed to touch them. There was an interesting display of the printing process step by step. It was a lovely afternoon in a beautiful old town. The area was of particular interest to me because my patron saint is Hildegard of Bingen; Bingen is a small village a few miles down the river from Mainz. I would loved to have stopped there too. The second highlight of the trip was the stop at Cologne to visit the magnificent cathedral there. I hope to go back one day and do it all again.

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    • Lucille says:

      Speaking of the Bible…

      ‘Characteristics inconsistent with ancient origin’

      Read at


  4. NC Nana says:

    Lucille’s posting of “Whispers In A Dream” above by Hayley Westenra (lyrics “Love will fall On us all”) made me think of “You Light Up My Life” from the 1970’s.

    Debbie Boone said ‘although “You Light Up My Life” was written as a love song, it was instead God who “lit up her life.”’

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  5. stella says:

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  6. stella says:

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  7. NC Nana says:

    I originally came over here this morning to post Bill Whittle’s latest comments on the Invasion. I got distracted by other posts and am just now getting back to it. Although I realize I have a lot of posts I think the video is worth listening to.

    Here are Bill Whittles comments:

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  8. WeeWeed says:

    Mornin’ y’all!

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  9. stella says:

    Today’s Trump Schedule

    Tuesday, October 23, 2018

    2:00 pm || Delivers remarks at the White House State Leadership Day Conference for Alaska, California, and Hawaii local officials; Eisenhower Executive Office Building
    3:00 pm || Signs S.3021, “America’s Water Infrastructure Act of 2018”
    6:00 pm || Receives a briefing from senior military leaders; Cabinet Room
    7:35 pm || Has dinner with senior military leaders; State Dining Room

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  10. auscitizenmom says:

    Stella, can you tell me how to find a video from FOX and FRIENDS that showed this morning? I have tried everything I can think of and can’t find it. I went to the F&F website and I have been to Youtube and google.

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  11. stella says:

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    • Lucille says:

      OK, so why don’t the Mexican authorities set up a roadblock and then shoot the tires out on all the trucks. Subsequently, after the people are forced off the beds, a bulldozer should be brought in to push the trucks over the hillside where they can lay like rotting corpses.

      All these foundations (Soros’s, the MacArthur, Carnegie and Ford) would lose a few more pennies that way. Considering they all have billions, it wouldn’t make a dent, of course. But every cent wasted is still wasted.

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    • The Tundra PA says:

      Good comment this morning at Citizen Free Press; I like this idea:

      Mike Hawkslarge October 23rd, 2018 at 12:15 am

      Israel has developed the perfect weapon for this kind of invasion.
      It is called Skunk Spray and it smells like a combination of dead animal and human excrement. It is 100 % non-toxic and completely safe – but makes people vomit from the disgusting stench – which lasts on the affected person for about 2 weeks and there is no way to get rid of the odor.
      See here:
      We need drones loaded with sprayers of this stuff and simply fly them down to the caravan and spray the crap out of them. They will stop. They will turn back, they will give up.
      Non-violent, non-lethal, totally humane.


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  12. Lucille says:

    An example of how the Left blinds the eyes and perceptions of its followers…

    Pastor Slams Evangelicals Supporting Trump Because He’s Pro-Life: You’re “Trading Your Moral Core”
    By Micaiah Bilger October 22, 2018

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  13. stella says:

    I’m watching The Great American Read final show – just starting – BUT they announced that Outlander is in the top 5 books!

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  14. auscitizenmom says:

    lilbirdee12’s prayer:

    Our Heavenly Father, Your children come to you tonight to ask for healing and peace throughout our country so that we may return to being One Nation Under God. Guide us to be leaders in Your Kingdom, spreading Your Love and Salvation to all. Forgive us our sins and deliver us from evil.

    Lord, we ask for a blanket of protection over all our troops and law enforcement who serve to defend and protect us. Bless our representatives with the strength and wisdom they need to achieve the path You have chosen for us.

    Please place Your Guardian Angels of Protection around Donald Trump and Mike Pence and their families as they seek to lead America back to You.

    Grant us patience, Lord, as the evil ones try to anger us and cause us to fall.
    Spread blessings over Israel and Netanyahu.

    We humbly ask that You please comfort those who are grieving and in pain.
    Thank you Father, for Your Love and the gift of Life.

    In Jesus name, we pray. Amen.

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  15. auscitizenmom says:

    Prayer for Justice Kavanaugh:
    “After watching her husband rip into pro-death senators who used Dr. Christine Blasey Ford in attempts to derail the appointment of her husband to the U.S. Supreme Court, Ashley is asking all people of faith to unite in praying Psalm 40, which reads:”


    In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen

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  16. stella says:

    Seen on Facebook:

    Recently, a longtime friend took the occasion to PM me to initiate a thoughtful discussion about 1) how is it that we could so thoroughly disagree about current happenings; and 2) disagree about the accomplishments of the past two Presidents. It’s good news because it gave me pause about both conundrums. The friend wrote that it is “mystifying how differently we could possibly see things, the SAME things – sheesh” and, of Obama compared with Trump, “I never thought of O as a liar or a walking scandal” but of Trump, simply “distasteful.” Here was my response:

    The Obama record disagreement aside for the moment, I think I’m a good deal less mystified by why we seem to disagree so much even though we both acknowledge the others’ good intentions. We each operate by forming opinions based on the best information at our disposal. In my opinion, you are relying on the sources that we both grew up trusting without question: the New York Times, Washington Post, CBS, NBC, ABC, (and now PBS and NPR). To you, I’m sure; the notion that ALL of them are in some kind of cabal to feed misinformation to the masses is so crazy sounding that to believe it would be utter foolishness. To me, they are all transparently doing exactly that. The evidence for your point of view is entirely understandable “normalcy bias”—if I am right, there is no way a democratic republic can last long because the voters will be acting on false information that blinds them to their actual self-interest…so it’s painful to even investigate the possibility. Add on my agreement with you that the current President’s comportment is habitually distasteful, and of course, we disagree: because from my point of view, his boorish behavior is so much less important than his accomplishments, which have been, the majority of the time, unaccountably masterful. Apparently, Andrew Jackson provided the same conundrum. I know that’s a lot to chew on, but if you were to take this morning’s commentary as an example, you will find that ABC, New York Times, NPR, etc., are reinforcing the Progressive line that when Cruz and Trump kiss and makeup, it’s more evidence that Cruz is what they always portray: the worst kind of politician who stands for nothing and will switch positions if it gets him another vote. To me (and I think you know I’ve spent literally hours in gatherings with the man) it proves exactly the opposite: if Trump continues to support the rule of law and Constitutional order ‘way more actively than any rational person would have suspected two years ago, Ted will support him in those actions even though it destroys any prayer of his own Presidential ambitions (Pence will get that mantle). That doesn’t surprise me or most of his previous Presidential supporters in the least, because Ted is not about Ted: he’s about the Constitution.

    As for Obama’s achievements, that’s another lengthy story, and not nearly so important as the poisoning of our free press. But it’s hard to see how anyone who lived through it could believe other than that in major ways, Obama was definitely a liar: consider his self-described crowning achievement, the forked-tongue titled “Affordable” Care abomination. The man was totally clear that the “you can keep your physician” guarantees were a blatant and utterly intentional lie, promised repeatedly in the service of a greater good: single payer healthcare. We’ve all paid the price for those who believed how “Affordable” the trick would prove to be. If truth is a touchstone, this misdirection is anathema. Trumpian lies are of a different kind: they are a salesman’s exaggerated promises that few take seriously—and his actions have been startlingly in line with his campaign promises. When he promised to bring manufacturing jobs back to the Midwest, Obama laughed at the bald-faced campaign lie: “Those jobs are gone. What’s he going to do? Wave some magic wand?” he smirked with that cocky, self-assured suavity that is so unlike Trump’s distasteful carriage. But Trump insisted on getting them back, and here they are. I think I’ll choose the distasteful chap over the suave one.

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  17. Lucille says:

    Project Veritas’ new video…this time on the Dem running for re-election in North Dakota…Heidi Heitkamp…ah, yes, duplicitous Democrats….

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  18. Gil says:

    Pumpkin patch was fun. I teamed up with another mom for the day to keep track of our group. Kiddo slept the entire bus ride back. Nice outing for a short day. Nothing like unloading an entire pumpkin patch (it seemed) from a school bus.
    We have a very busy week too. He had a complete meltdown at school yesterday, but the educational behavior evaluations begin this week.
    Its incredible that he does not have that behavior at home.
    Keep him in your prayers if you can. Its a tough time getting through it.

    On another note, I hate this horde coming up, and the 2nd wave. We will have to close the border. They come up through tj storming the border, we will have terrified people in socal willing to shoot first and ask questions later.

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  19. lovely says:

    Howdy folks! I hope everyone is having a beautiful fall day, on the road tomorrow 🙂 !

    Picture not taken by me but I think it is in northern IL.

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