Most recent caravan of Hondurans temporarily turn back at Mexico border

President Trump just said in an interview (I saw it on OANN) that the caravan will NOT be allowed to enter the United States. He has said that if countries aid the caravans to enter the USA, those countries will lose aid from the United States.

Hundreds of Honduran migrants stand at the shore of the Suchiate river on the border between Guatemala and Mexico, in Tecun Uman, Guatemala, Thursday, Oct. 18, 2018. Mexico’s foreign ministry says government officials at its southern border with Guatemala have started assisting the early arrivals from a caravan of some 3,000 Honduran migrants that has drawn sharp criticism from U.S. President Donald Trump. (AP Photo)

Video from yesterday’s Fox New broadcast:


The Latest on a caravan of Central American migrants hoping to reach the United States (all times local):

11:50 a.m.

Thousands of migrants traveling in a caravan briefly moved toward a border crossing on the Mexico-Guatemala frontier before turning around.

They stopped about two blocks from the crossing before heading back, saying they would wait another hour or so. Some of them talked among themselves.

The border post is guarded by a heavy security force and tall metal gates. Dozens of Mexican federal police officers are on the border bridge, with hundreds more behind them.

Guatemala has closed its border gate and is standing guard with dozens of troops and two armored jeeps.

Mexico’s ambassador to Guatemala says his country has decided to enforce a policy of “metered entry” since thousands of migrants are clamoring to cross.


Thousands of migrants who’ve trekked from Honduras in hopes of making it to the United States broke down a metal gate at the Mexico-Guatemala border Friday afternoon, according to a report.

The caravan of migrants rushed toward a border bridge in Mexico just after noon local time — as hundreds of federal police and Guatemalan cops in riot gear stood guard.

The scores of men, women and children waved Honduran flags and chanted, “One way or another, we will pass” and “We are not smugglers, we are immigrants” as they gathered along the muddy Suchiate River.

After arriving at the southern border, the crowd briefly retreated for an hour or so in front of the closed metal gate. But soon after, young men tore down the gate by yanking on it, while others climbed atop it and US-donated military jeeps.

The group then rushed a border bridge about 150 yards away, with about 50 people pushing their way through as police unleashed pepper spray. Some members of the caravan also threw rocks.

“We need you to stop the aggression,” a federal police officer yelled at the crowd from a loudspeaker…

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with top officials in Mexico on Friday and said he agreed with the country’s request to the United Nations to set up a migrant processing center near their southern border.

“We are quickly reaching a point which appears to be a moment of crisis,” he said during a joint appearance with Mexico’s foreign minister, Luis Videgaray.

Speaking of Mexico, Pompeo added, “The way you will handle this is your sovereign decision.”

Luis Manuel Lopez Moreno, Mexico’s ambassador to Guatemala, said his country would enforce a policy of “metered entry” and agreed to grant humanitarian and asylum visas to the migrants, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Moreno said some 100 migrants a day would be allowed into the country to have their asylum requests reviewed.

The process will allow them to enter Mexico legally until their cases are resolved and let them travel freely about the country. If approved, they’ll be permitted to stay in Mexico permanently.

We must have control of who comes into our country. If we don’t, our citizens are in danger from gangs, terrorism, drugs and disease, as well as human trafficking and uncontrolled illegal labor.

Here’s more:

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    This is just unbelievable.

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    More (The Five):

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