All about NPC!! (Bill Whittle)

NPC: Trump Fans Stamp Leftists with Devastating Brand

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19 Responses to All about NPC!! (Bill Whittle)

  1. Justice says:

    Non Player Characters….

    As an avid player of role playing games since the 1970s, I’ve always been quite aware of NPCs. It’s an acronym with very common usage in those games and in our modern video games.

    NPCs have a canned response to any interaction and do not think. They are there to advance the story line. The NPCs are placed into position by the game designer to play a simple role and then they are gone.

    Most of today’s lefty mobs are paid robots. They would not be there without the mana of money. They are NPCs serving no other useful purpose to the discussion outside of causing problems and stirring up anger.

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  2. auscitizenmom says:

    This was a good explanation of NPC. I read several different ones earlier and still didn’t really understand it.

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    • Justice says:

      I’m glad you appreciated it. I’ll be moving on and try someplace else to post. My best to all of you.


      • stella says:

        Are your feelings hurt? Please don’t leave because of a perceived slight. So many times people don’t actually read or watch what I post, and then comment. If your intentions were what you stated, then I was wrong to question your comment. It wasn’t an insult, but a question about its nature.

        If I quit because of stuff like this, this blog wouldn’t have lasted a month.

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  3. Menagerie says:

    He makes a great point. You simply can’t reason with these people. Logic does not work.

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  4. litenmaus says:

    After being labeled with such de-humanizing monikers as Nazis, bullies, misgonistic, racist, deplorable, vulgarian bigots, I am personally loving the fact that the SJW’s are up in arms because they are being dehumanized.

    Hopefully someone will branch out and the meme can be continued using the Magic Eight ball analogy. It would be interesting to see how long it would take for Twitter and Facebook to start attacking those memes as well.

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  5. NC Nana says:

    Great lesson on meaning of NPC! I have seen the phenomenon in the “news” but didn’t know there was a term for it. Kinda makes you think the synonym might be “MSM news reporter” in addition to SJW. Ha!

    Thanks for the lesson.

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  6. The Tundra PA says:

    I enjoyed this from MOTUS yesterday. I’m not a gamer or a millennial, so the NPC thing was new to me.

    I hope Justice’s tender feelings aren’t irreparably harmed. (/s)

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  7. jeans2nd says:

    Wait, what??? You mean we are not the NPCs? How can this be? Only we are the (insert insult here).
    Now i feel slighted. Why do they get a new moniker and not me? I want one. It’s not fair, they get all the cool monikers. See? They always get the good stuff, all we get is the same old tired monikers.
    Not Fair!
    Going to my room to pout now…

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  8. Reblogged this on Special Connections and commented:
    There is tremendous insight here about the mental processes (or lack thereof) of the “social justice warrior”. What a great way to encapsulate the phenomenon of people who are pre-programmed & basically unable to think for themselves….Well worth watching!


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