Watch Live: FEMA holds a briefing Hurricane Michael


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1 Response to Watch Live: FEMA holds a briefing Hurricane Michael

  1. czarowniczy says:

    We watched this when Mike was just a disorganized bobble of interest in the Caribbean.
    The local news was following the NWS line about it MAYBE becoming a tropical depression and we went ‘Uhhhh….no’. Then they started to say it might become a weak tropical storm and we started to watch for it to hit that point we watch that indicates it might hit the upper central Gulf Coast…us.
    Folks around here who were here for Katrina are mostly keen on Gulf water temps, we check the NOAA and other sources for latest temp info and also watch the Gulf Loop Current, a current of hot Caribbean water thar flows up tfrom the Caribbean thru the Straits of Yucatan then splits, coursing north towards the Florida panhandle and out thru the Straits of Florida – or some combination of that. Mike went right over that current in the Yucatan Straits and then drove north over water that was a solid 85 to 87 degrees. No shear, no cold spots, it sailed over a hurricane buffet all the way.
    Some local weatherguessers started hinting at the water temps, never once mentioning the Gulf Loop, but casually mentioning that water temperatures were good for further development. We started watching closely until it got to a point where we were reasonably comfortable that it wasn’t going to come here and the weatherguessers were a bit more complacent in reporting weekend activities. They go out of their way to avoid directly saying “GET READY TO RUN FOR THE HILLS!!!!” until the problem’s at our doorstep – don’t wanna upset the tourists.
    When I got up this morning I was surprised it was a 4, we thought a middling 3 maybe but a 4 was a big surprise. Looking at the water temps it’s not a total surprise, between 86 and 87 with none of the cool spots close to the coast we might expect, just hot water.
    We’re watching that storm surge too. They should be at a low tide but that 14 feet should still be a killer. We wouldn’t be surprised to see it higher as Mike’s been strengthening and that low pressure around the core lifts water so the surge isn’t only wind-driven water. We remember that the predicted Katrina surge was far less than what actually hit, Katrina went through cycles where it was a lower strength when it hit but still hit the Mississippi Gulf Coast with almost a Cat 5 surge.
    Prayers to all.


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