Sen. Lindsey Graham on the FBI investigation into Kavanaugh

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12 Responses to Sen. Lindsey Graham on the FBI investigation into Kavanaugh

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    I really like the way Lindsey Graham has stepped up lately.

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  2. Justice says:

    Speaking of stepping up…

    Another ‘corroborating witness’ has stepped up. He exchanged emails with Ford this past summer about her ordeal. That makes him officially a person who wasn’t there and didn’t witness anything, but did have an email exchange a few months ago about it.

    Now, he’s a ‘corroborating witness’. His name is Keith Koegler and it’s available to anyone who wishes to lose a few more brain cells reading his ‘statement’.

    The soap opera continues this weekend among the mentally ill and paid actors in this drama.

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  3. lovely says:

    Well boo yourself.__ Lindsey Graham.

    Apparently President Trump’s counterpunch is contagious.



    Ps. Someone needs to stuff a sock in Wallace’s nasty disingenuous pie hole.

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  4. lovely says:

    Well looky there the MSM is recognizing the Trumpization of the republicans!

    Kavanaugh confirmed: The party of Trump wins the street brawl (and these are the lessons)

    Trump continues to teach us all lessons about #WINNING. In Trump’s world, it’s all about the fight and your fighting spirit. It’s all about your ability to bare-knuckles brawl.

    Winning is all about being a relentless fighter. Being a bulldog. Being a bull in a china shop. It’s about fighting spirit. It’s about believing in yourself and your goals. It’s about fighting so hard, so passionately, you never let go until victory is achieved.

    It’s about who wants it more. Trump always wants it more.
    That’s what Trump is all about — the fight. Sure, you get bruised and battered and slandered. Sure, it hurts. But anything worth having is worth fighting for.

    The other big winner was Brett Kavanaugh. The vicious, soulless, American left tried to destroy him, ruin him, and eviscerate him. They never imagined a wimpy, middle-aged judge from Yale had it in him to fight back like a no-holds-barred, street brawler. But Kavanaugh studied Trump, he learned from Trump.

    He had to take off the suit, get down in the mud and fight for it. For the first time in history, we witnessed a judge fight like a no-holds-barred, bare-knuckles brawler. Like Trump.

    Lindsey Graham has never felt so good, an honest hard fought victory beats caving every day of the week.

    History will recall who started this fight and who won it.

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  5. Justice says:

    I’m wondering if Lindsey is gearing up for a 2020 run for POTUS. That wouldn’t be prudent. In fact, any (R) running against Trump for nomination is not a very smart idea. Everybody should just stay out of it and immediately endorse him and make him the automatic nominee.

    But, probably won’t happen. It’ll be another circus as per usual. Many Rinos still and have always hated Trump. (Enter the tender and worthless phony……Mr. Paul Ryan.)


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