Today’s political cartoon

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6 Responses to Today’s political cartoon

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    Sad. 😦


  2. Remember Charles M. Shulz? Remember Lucy and Charlie Brown and the football in those comics and animated specials? She always pulled it away, while holding it, at the last second. Then she always laughed at Charlie Brown when he inevitably fell on his butt.

    I want to see Charlie Brown actually kick the football, with her holding it perfectly, and then her celebrating and giving him a big hug for such a great kick. That would be a great comic strip.

    I don’t think Shulz ever made that one. They were only ever CB on his butt, and Lucy laughing.

    That would have been neat, if Shulz did that, just once. Let him win, just once.

    Then again, it would be neat if Wile E. Coyote got to dine on some Roadrunner, too.

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  3. Other things I’ve learned this week:

    Christine Blasey Ford’s grandfather was CIA. So is her father. So is her brother. And she is a CIA recruiter who teaches the CIA indoctrination course at her college. And that she doesn’t actually sound like a mousey, squirrel-like little girl when she speaks. It’s an act. It’s all BS. She’s deep state, all-in. I have her yearbooks on my PC. And on thumb-drives. And my phone.

    If this were a fair nation, she would be locked up right now for what she’s done, and so would Feinstein. So would most of the CIA, and the FBI. This isn’t a fair nation, though.

    It is so evil what they are doing to Kavanaugh. Absolutely demonic.

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