The destruction of a good man

These allegations against Judge Kavanaugh have really upset me. He wasn’t my first choice for the Supreme Court, in fact, he was third in my estimation, although I understood why President Trump chose him.

Politicians, political activists and the media are still coming at him from every angle they can imagine in their stinking, evil, minds. The latest is that Judge Kavanaugh doesn’t have the “temperament” to be a Supreme Court judge. Never mind that Clarence Thomas spoke angrily for himself at his hearings, and became a stellar SC Justice.

Even the New York Times published an Op-Ed about his “temperament”. The title of the article is “An Injudicious Man, Unfit for the Supreme Court”, if you care to look it up; I won’t provide a link. Apparently they haven’t heard of RIGHTEOUS ANGER!

As an FB friend said, “An evil piece. Every leftist is an untouchable victim and if you defend yourself you’re revictimizing them. But conservative victims are sniveling brats. Never wonder how communism killed 100M.”

I have also seen innuendo in the press about Judge Kavanaugh’s fitness to coach young girls because he may be a pedophile.

My opinion? I think they are afraid that many, many, people will recognize that he is a human being who is displaying righteous anger, not a cardboard cutout of a “judge”.

Seen on Facebook:

A friend of mine posted a thing about how even if Kavanaugh is innocent, his getting emotional during the hearing shows that he doesn’t have the “temperament’ to be on the Supreme Court. My response got a little long, so I figured I would share it here:

Dude, sorry, but you’ve got no clue. I personally went through a tiny fraction of what this dude did and it is soul crushing. It’s a friggin’ nightmare. When you’ve got national news outlets running articles about how you’re an awful person, and thousands of complete strangers talking about how terrible you are, and any time you see your name pop up there’s immediately a bunch of comments from people who don’t know you at all repeating stories about what a sick, depraved, monster you are… that shit gets old.

I was just one minor writer who caused a stink in one minor part of the entertainment business, and I had dozens of news articles calling me the vilest things you can imagine. I had to notify my local sheriff’s department to prevent Swattings.

People my wife hasn’t talked to since high school were calling her to ask if she was okay, since she was married to an abusive hatemonger monster. (that one was particularly galling).

I’ve been on double dates with a gay couple, but thousands of strangers declared me a homophobe. I taught self defense to women for a decade, but thousands of strangers declared me a rape apologist. I grew up in a town that had few white people and served most of my mission in inner city Birmingham, but thousands of complete strangers declared me a racist.

The truth was irrelevant. I was the nail that stuck up, ergo I had to be knocked down.

They went after my kids. That still pisses me off. My own children couldn’t even use their real names online because they got attacked for the crime of having me as their father.

On and on, hundreds of examples.

And I was just one minor dude, in one minor squabble, that happened to get a tiny bit of media attention.

But the minute I react with human emotion, and get upset that they’re dragging my name through the mud, and trying to make it so that nobody in my industry will work with me, and getting me banned from events, and demanding boycotts, and posting lying ass reviews, and calling me the vilest things I can imagine JUST BECAUSE I DISAGREED WITH THEM…

Then, only then, do they talk about “tone” and “you sound angry” and my being upset only proves my obvious guilt.

And then people who’ve never been in the fire come along and lecture me about how I should be more civil.

This dude has gone through a process a thousand times worse, in a fraction of the time, and you expect him to remain cool? Ha!

How can ANYONE watch this man defend his family, his honor, and his reputation and not understand the horror his life has become over the past couple of weeks. How DARE they attack his “temperament”!


This is what I said on Facebook two days ago:

My thoughts on the Christine Ford testimony. It is possible that she is telling the truth [as she believes it]. It is also possible that she is mistaken about the identity of her attacker(s).

Every person – and that includes Judge Kavanaugh – deserves to be believed up and until it is proven that he is guilty of what he is accused of doing. In our country, the accused is innocent until proven guilty.

The accuser is being treated with kid gloves because she is a woman, and because it is politically correct. Period. Every lapse of memory and mistake in recounting the facts are being excused because of the time elapsed and supposed lasting trauma. Just an aside – why can’t she remember whether or not she provided her therapist’s notes to the Washington Post reporter? That was what – two months ago?

For those women who disagree with me, I have only one thing to say. If it was your husband or your son being accused of sexual assault that he says he was innocent of committing, and would lose his job, or a promotion, or be kicked out of school or even jailed, would you insist on presumption of innocence for him? Or would you just “believe the woman”?

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20 Responses to The destruction of a good man

  1. Lucille says:

    I’m still pretty shocked to realize what an awful job the Republicans have been doing in defending Judge Kavanaugh. I’d like to see George W. Bush speak out again and reiterate his support. And Condi Rice should be piping up. His colleagues, where are they?

    This is an article which says more about the inadequacies of the questioners who mostly threw soft lobs to the accuser…

    Rachel Mitchell, the Creampuff Prosecutor
    By Jay Michaels – September 29, 2018

    Maybe the optics required a female special counsel. But wasn’t it possible to find someone who understands that the job of a prosecutor is to undermine the credibility of any witness testifying against the victim he’s supposed to be representing?

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    • hocuspocus13 says:

      I agree…

      The entire premise of Ford being toooo drunk to remember went out the window

      Being drunk would lead to a preponderance of a doubt

      Which wins your case


  2. hocuspocus13 says:

    Kavanaugh has become the American People’s Folk Hero the rest can go to hell

    I believe this was nothing more than a 15 year old girl who had a crush on an older 17 year old boy

    She followed him around that’s how she knows so much about him and his high school days

    He paid her no attention that’s why he don’t recall her

    She was probably stalking him

    Ms Ford is a very unstable woman due to her youthful days of promiscuity


  3. 1- There is evidence she had a second door on her house BEFORE the 2012 therapy session – which disproves the very basis of her story (h/t gateway pundit)
    2 – If Kavanaugh is being investigated, THEN SHE NEEDS TO BE INVESTIGATED! Why are there no HS yearbooks of hers, and why did she scrub her social media?
    3 – If she was so traumatized by an attempted assault WHY IS SHE LETTING YOUNG GOOGLE INTERNS – BASICALLY STRANGERS – IN HER HOUSE? Someone traumatized from and actual assault does NOT do this. I KNOW.

    4- The congress had better realize the #YOUTOO movement is growing. Congress will now be judged by how they judge the judge! Remember that TAXPAYER FUNDED slush fund to payoff sex victims? FOIA!
    5 Why is there no good security in congressional buildings? Flake is obviously a coward. but where was security. Gov’t security should be offered to VETERANS first, and only to the public when no veterans are available to fill the slots.

    6. Work in your local elections to help stop VOTER FRAUD – that may be the only way they might win.

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  4. hocuspocus13 says:

    The 2nd door Ford put into her house was for the Google Interns she rents out to


    • Right!
      Who, being sooooo traumatized by an attempted assault, would let basically young adult strangers in her house? I don’t care if they had a separate door to go in and out of. They would still be around her, in the driveway, back yard, front porch etc. I do NOT buy it!


      • Excuse me – By I don’t buy it, I mean I don’t buy she was traumatized by what she alleges happened to her. Someone traumatized by sexual assault does not allow young strangers to live in her house and therby wander around her.


      • stella says:

        They could be young women, and the room that is rented could be separated from their living area.

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        • This is true.
          1 – Just because someone is of the same sex does not mean they are not sexually interested in you. I once had a lesbian come on to me right in front of other people.
          2 – I’m guessing uber-liberal Calif probably has laws saying you can not discriminate on rentals based on many characteristics, one being gender.
          3 – These women may bring in their male friends to visit or “drop something off”.

          This has been a difficult news cycle for me. I was raped in college – over 40 years ago. I was NOT drunk or stoned, just gullible and naive. I did not press charges because back then, in that area, you were just shamed, even if you were truly an innocent victim.

          I still to this day have big double keyed deadbolts on my door, and would not rent out part of my home.

          I have been thinking what I would do if that person was up for the S.C. I would first investigate whether he had changed his life, and become a good person, even if it meant hiring a private investigator.
          If he had, I would thank God he cleaned up his life, and I would keep my mouth shut.
          If he continued being a predator, I would hire a lawyer to advise me of any legal process and help me protect myself as much as possible because I would assume my life would be destroyed. For Ford to assume she could do this, with no real memory or evidence after scrubbing her public record is incredulous. I believe she is a willing political player in the destruction of Kavanaugh, and that is from a rape survivor.

          I am sad for all the truly innocent rape victims and those falsly accused. God will judge those who have now made it even harder to try and find justice for such an horrendous crime, but I felt I, and all of us, must open our mouths and speak truth to conteract the evil lies being screamed by the other side. There have been many rape survivors on radio calling in saying, like me, they do NOT believe Kavanaugh did this.

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          • UGH! I just re-read my comment. It’s amazing how you can’t see something until you post the comment.
            If he was still a predator – yes I would open my mouth & tell. I would go to a lawyer, and then my senator, or one on the judicial committee if my senator was not. That is where I think I would go to tell my experience and give the EVIDENCE provided by the investigator.
            Before finding out how corrupt SOME in the FBI are, I would assume their background checks would find things, but if the predator was of the protected, priviledged party, I would be afraid the FBI might cover it up.


  5. hocuspocus13 says:

    New to the AirWaves

    Big League Politics has a write up on Swetnik (fraud)

    Sharyn Bovat video out there it seems shes blowing the whistle on Ms Feinstein


  6. stella says:

    Good analysis by Byron York:

    Is July 1, 1982 party key to Christine Ford’s allegation against Brett Kavanaugh?

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    • hocuspocus13 says:

      Location of house party of July 1 from Kav calendar is in a different location different town and different county then Ford stated

      And the guy Garrett that Ford was dating at the time was there on July 1 gathering but Ford never mentioned his name as one who was present

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  7. stella says:

    Lots of news tonight:

    Second Kavanaugh accuser says she won’t participate in Senate probe

    The attorney representing Brett Kavanaugh accuser Deborah Ramirez now says his client won’t participate in a Senate Judiciary Committee review of her allegations — only an FBI investigation.

    “The Senate Judiciary Committee is not suited to do this kind of investigation, and she’s not going to cooperate with this kind of political theater,” lawyer John Clune said on CNN’s “New Day” Thursday morning.

    Ramirez, the second woman to accuse Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct, alleges the Supreme Court nominee exposed himself to her during a party when they were both freshmen at Yale during the 1983-84 school year.

    Kavanaugh has denied her allegations, calling them “a smear.”


  8. MaryfromMarin says:

    Thank you for this post, stella. Thank you for what you said on Facebook.

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  9. auscitizenmom says:

    This just about breaks my heart. I don’t believe that he expected to have to fight like this against the lies and the whole Dem party and the MSM.

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