Meme of the day – Monica’s blue dress

And he stayed in office anyway, because it was “just about sex”.

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22 Responses to Meme of the day – Monica’s blue dress

  1. facebkwallflower says:

    Exactly. Proof, Baby, Proof.

    This is how the Left sees conservative women. UGH!

    Get this — the woman who posted this article FOR ME TO SEE, as I am the only conservative she still has as “friend”, is a veteran. Yep, she never partied heartied while in the navy? Sure.

    Wish I could respond to the article but I will only be misunderstood. I only can think of mean stuff to say like, “I am so glad you brought up this discussion. I got a fb message from someone that works with your husband. I guess she put two-and-two together that I am connected to you and decided to ask me what she should do. She just took a job where your hubby works and when she recognized him, she went cold. Started shaking. She says when she was in high school she used to party with him and his friends, especially after basketball games, and one time when they both were high they got kissing and then he pinned her down and started to rip her clothes off. Luckily she was able to get away but she had bruises on her wrists that she covered up for fear her mother would see. The next day your husband acted like nothing had even happened. She asked me not to tell you, but I thought you might want to give your husband a heads up that she talked to HR about how hard it will be working in the same building as him. Of course I believe her, even though I think your husband is several years older than her and was away at college when she says this happened. She just seems credible and women need to be heard. HR will believe her too because if they don’t, activists will go on a viral huricane to destry the company as not standing up for women.. I will be keeping you all in prayer as you go through your husband losing his job and trying to get another. Some new employer will be sympathetic. Well, maybe not when they see how the boycott and negative publicity hurt his current employer. Ewww, how can you even think of staying with A man so disrespectful to women?”

    What do you think her response would be??? Me commenting such rumors about her husband on a public forum without verifying it and just the accuser’s sayso?

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  2. facebkwallflower says:

    Even if there is a blue dress lurking in a closet somewhere, may not make a difference. To think Ford was so careful in her description to include the fear he was going to kill her.


  3. czarowniczy says:

    That’s because Bill is a Rat and Rats are forgiven for their minor transgressions, he was swayed by that social climbing temptress/hussy. Kavanaugh, on the other hand, is a white, male Republican and is an oozing pit of anti-women behaviors, an exploiter and incapable of receiving the benefit of the doubt as these vile attitudes towards women are genetic.
    Any more questions?

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  4. czarowniczy says:

    Wondering if I should email Feinstein’s office and tell them I have a beagle who’ll testify Kavanaugh inappropriately touched her during a TGI Friday’s happy hour?

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  5. lovely says:

    There is no blue dress out there because Kavanaugh is 100% innocent.

    Ford, a puppet of the demonic Feinstein, is not telling the truth.

    Whose house?


    Ford is only big on the who – there is a reason for that.

    There is no evidence, there are no witnesses, she has no credible memory.

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    • stella says:

      Absolutely. That’s the point.

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      • lovely says:

        I know, sorry Stella, I’m just teed off for Kavanaugh and all of us, we are seeing a full assault on the autonomy of the American election, a full assault on the Constitution on our very ability to live as a free people, and still the demonic democrats persist and the idiotic minions sit about virtue signaling thinking that they are fighting evil.


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        • stella says:

          I understand. I just insulted a cousin of mine who “just wants to know the truth”, and claims she would feel the same way if he was her husband or son. What a pile of bullshit! I didn’t say that, but something similar in a nicer way. I suggested that she should just admit that she wants the judge defeated. It would be much more honest.

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        • stella says:

          PS: I can’t believe my cousin is as stupid as she is coming across. She’s the kind who wants to appear “oh so reasonable” when all the time she has already made up her mind and facts are ignored.

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        • stella says:

          Just an example of our exchange tonight:

          ME: An added fact: Mark Judge wrote in his book in 1997 that he worked at Safeway. It was public knowledge, so really NOT a corroboration of her testimony.

          HER: I didnt say it was but it might help them figure out for sure that the year she says it happened is accurate. Also since he was “wasted” and the future Judge’s buddy, that adds some credibility to her claims of their drunkenness, too.

          ME: If he worked at Safeway for more than one year, it proves nothing. And using guilt by association proves nothing either.

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