Blasey Ford’s family has not offered any public support

I was wondering about this, and this is from the Washington Post:

[Christine Blasey Ford’s family has been nearly silent amid outpouring of support]

The letters appeared within days of Christine Blasey Ford’s name becoming public. One was from her high school classmates. One was from her colleagues at Stanford University. Her Palo Alto neighbors wrote another letter. Groups of attorneys, statisticians and teenagers wrote, too. Then came a letter that began, “As members of Christine Blasey Ford’s family . . .”

It was signed by a dozen people. But none of them were related to Ford by blood. The letter was from the relatives of her husband, Russell Ford.

Christine’s own parents and siblings — the Blaseys — have not released any similar statement of support. As their daughter and sister has become the country’s most talked-about woman for accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh of sexual assault while both were in high school, the Blaseys have strategically avoided the press. Voice mails, texts, emails and letters from reporters have gone unanswered. Friends have politely declined to comment on what the family is going through.

Reached by phone on Tuesday, Ford’s father, Ralph Blasey Jr., offered a brief endorsement of his daughter. “I think all of the Blasey family would support her. I think her record stands for itself. Her schooling, her jobs and so on,” he said before hanging up. Moments later, after picking up the phone a second time, he added: “I think any father would have love for his daughter.”

The Blasey family’s reticence was notable amid the outpouring of support for Ford as the 51-year-old research psychologist from California prepared to testify Thursday before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

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18 Responses to Blasey Ford’s family has not offered any public support

  1. If you ever get to look at her yearbooks (some people captured them before they were removed from the internet) this shows Ford (not a doctor, it seems) spread eagle sitting on a bar with just a thong on, and there’s another of her, still in just a thong, passed out on a picnic table.

    When I saw these pictures and read what she had to say (which in no way made her out to be a girl who was adverse to be sexually groped anytime and any place) I wondered about her parents. Did they just not see these books? Did they see them and not care?

    Well, it turns out that not only does Mrs. Ford work for the CIA (she trains its recruits) but so does her brother. And so did her father and her grandfather.


    • Lucille says:

      I’ve seen this claim before that everyone seems to be CIA connected. Is this truly factual or just supposition based upon the CIA being involved in Stanford programs? Besides which, is it a crime to be CIA?

      I know that many people are assuming the CIA is the enemy of America and Deep State to the max, but is that factually correct? It’s very “in” to say we need to get rid of the CIA…shades of USSR-type propaganda perhaps? It’s neither realistic nor practical if we want to remain an un-invaded national entity. Weeding out the lefties is necessary, of course; but spying is here to stay.


      • stella says:

        I’ve seen several stories about it, but none in a major news source.


        • M. Claire says:

          Just look up Ralph Blasey Jr – her father, who has some very interesting connections. And I do not think ANY major news source agency would print this information…Gotta dig..:)

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          • stella says:

            The way I evaluate a story is to look at several reports and see what the source of the information is. Frequently there are many reports, but they all got their information from the same place, often a source that is unknown to me and its reliability also unknown.

            Until I can hang my hat, so to speak, on a source I trust, I treat the information as interesting, but unverified. Usually at least one major or semi-major news source will report a reliable story.

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          • stella says:

            In other words, you can dig, but make sure you are digging for gold, and not pyrite.


        • czarowniczy says:

          With the ‘talk like a pyrite’ jokes aside, there are two Fords listed in the 1996 AFIO membership list pirated and posted on line. I can attest the lists are not complete so there may be more members that didn’t make the pinch. AFIO stopped handing out lists to its member after someone’s was put online in the 90s.
          Even if her relatives did work for the CIA and ‘trained recruits’, what section did they work for? The CIA ALLEGEDLY used the LDS language training facility to train some recruits as the DLI was a bit long. Did they work for the analytical or operational sections? Were they full-time, part-time or infrequent contractors? Barry Seal was ALLEGEDLY a CIA contractor too but, like many others, his function and access was severely compartmentalized and I’m betting the Ford’s, if they were employed there, were too.
          The Company has a lot of sections, a number of proprietary businesses and offices all over the Beltway and beyond with few knowing the others unless they’re working on something connected so again, the Ford’s – if they were employed – could have been employed anywhere.
          There’s a lot of good people in the CIA and I’m sure, just vas with any huge, powerful and heavily cloistered agency, some real turds. Look at Justice – and the CIA recruits heavily from what we’d call liberal universities so what do you think the possibilities of getting progs into the mix would be? The Stansfield Turner hangover.
          The problem is that you can’t give the agency the kind of oversight that would bring total neutrality because they swim in a partisan ocean and every prog or conservative POTUS tries to put his stamp on it but it’s so big that you might be able to co-opt part of it but you won’t get it all.

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    • lovely says:

      The picture of the drunk young woman on a picnic table widely circulated as Ford was not Ford.

      As to a picture of her in a thong? I’m going to have to go with likely not her. She is far from able to wear a thong attractively now and in her younger days when she might have worn one “thongs” were not a thing.

      I still think she is a malicious liar.

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  2. stella says:

    Ford’s husband, Russell, explained in an interview with The Washington Post last week that Christine moved to California in part to get away from “the D.C. scene.”

    I’m wondering if there wasn’t more to it than just political differences with her family. Strictly speculation on my part, but perhaps there is some scandal there that isn’t public knowledge. Yet.

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    • hocuspocus13 says:

      Yes…it does appear to be a missing link with Ford something is just not right

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    • jeans2nd says:

      Stella, you are more likely correct than not. Odds are, the scandal is Ol’ Chrissy herself.
      Call me crazy (true), call me hysterical (not true), but these kind are a dime a dozen. Even in smaller cities, there are the country club set and the wannabes, and they are all alike. Would wager you have the same in your city, which gives you your fine instincts.

      Told ya about the families. Always go by the families. They are the best barometer of the type of person with whom you are dealing.
      It is quite telling that her family is not out for blood. Especially with two attorney brothers.

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  3. patternpuzzler says:

    I found two things that are interesting. I ran across the Bombard’s Body Language video of Ford’s [scripted] testimony that was an entertaining and enlightening analysis, and affirmed my own impressions of Ford’s performance. Bombard calls out the fake voice, the pretty girl, the child, the defiant. I think it’s worth watching at least the beginning of the video. Bombard says listening to the whole testimony is like a long scratch on a chalkboard. I like this Bombard!

    Then there was this interesting tidbit/meme. I can’t vouch for the truthfulness (wouldn’t know where to begin researching factually), but if it’s the real deal, we could have an issue with yet another birds-of-a-feather FBI investigation or one of Ford’s background/behavior:

    My personal theory is that she convinced herself of the incident and made it real in her mind over time. I’m wondering if the reality is she didn’t have the opposite event to her claim, and noninteraction – one where a 15-year-old girl’s major crush turned to hatred and resentment by NOT receiving hoped-for attention from a good looking upper-class young man, around the time in question. Maybe someone knowing psychology can shed some light on this kind of reaction formation in a teenager’s mind. It would explain how she claims to know him but he says he doesn’t recall ever meeting her. She would forever have a resentment of Kavanaugh instigated not from the “assault” but from her lack of his attention. It would be helpful to know anything about her real character and constitution.

    Old 1982 county tax records of the houses in the neighborhood where the house is that the event was supposed to take place would reveal the name of owners who would likely be parents of SOMEONE in a yearbook. In the McCallum/Kavanaugh interview there is an intersection of street names mentioned (Connecticut Avenue and East-West Highway) – if one were to check house records, say in a half mile diameter area, you’d be left with a handle-able database of names to compare to names in yearbooks. If there’s a match, there’s the best likely witness, as the young person who lived in that house in 1982.

    I could be waaaaaaaaaaaaay off base, but since Ford’s been ENTIRELY social media scrubbed, down to removing her academic papers, anything goes.


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