Live: President Trump speaks at the United Nations General Assembly

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8 Responses to Live: President Trump speaks at the United Nations General Assembly

  1. stella says:

    This is a great speech. He is laying it on the line, and there will be squealing and moaning the rest of the day (or longer), I predict.

    He’s naming names and pointing fingers, and they won’t like it. The United Nations hasn’t escaped.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      Pres Trump called ’em all out, did he not? And those remarks on socialism – oh my!
      Pres Trump also issued heaps of praise on many, but not the EU members save Poland, notably Germany, UK, France, and others. Awesomeness.

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  2. M. Claire says:

    Baruch Haba B’Shem O’Yah, how Powerful is Your Name, and Your Mighty Arm. We praise You for Your gentle Goodness, for saving us from Hillary, and he whole Global Cabal, in whose heart it was, that we were to be sold as slaves. Your people who are faithful have cried mightily unto you for the past several years, all thru the years of o’dingo’s and the other hyena’s who wished to lord over us, Yet, the faithful remnant cries reached up unto Your Ear, and You Heard. You gave us this man, above all odds, and we cannot thank and Praise You enough, for granting us this favor.

    May You remember Egypt, and how you took care of Your People, with your Strength and Great Power, we escaped the plagues of Egypt, because were found pleasing in Your Eyes, and worthy to save. We thank you for Donald J. Trump, a man who proclaims your Glory and Your Presence. A man, in who’s heart, Your Great Spirit obviously lives within. Please bless all that this man does, a man, a servant, and Your Messenger who has been specifically, chosen for us, by You. To rule over us who are now living in “That Day”, and in such a time. May the Blood continue to protect us.

    May You send legions of Your Mighty Ones, to keep him, to protect him, he and his family, staff, and soldiers who work diligently for him. We thank You, and praise You O’ Yah, for bringing us this man to us ans saving us from HRC, May he thrive in all that he sets his hand to do, and in every step that he takes. May You walk beside him, in Your Name, I pray. The Spiritual Battle taking place right now is beyond what we could imagine. Yet, we know that there are certainly more of Your Holy Angels with us, than there are with them, Thank you again.

    Innocent blood cries from the ground, cries of innocent children, murdered, enslaved and abused. Please comfort them, the crimes are horrific. Please give this President the strength and power to put an end, to this GREAT EVIL, existing today. We know, this man has made that, his mission. Therefore may you grand Great Favor in him. Grant him the ability to be successful in all of his upcoming meetings, as he represents us, and that which is good. Protect him from the wiles of the Evil one, and his minions. I praise You, from my heart, for exposing, confusing, and confounding the many evil enemies. May they continue to fall into the very ditches, that they themselves have dug.


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  3. Gil says:

    Thats was a good speech. Pay up world if you want our services!

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  4. lovely says:

    The field mouse tugs at the Eagles feather, the Eagle spares the field mouse’s life with a dismissive cold shoulder.

    Well done Eagle.

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  5. lovely says:

    Well I finally watched President Trump’s speech. Bravo!

    Ancillary observation. I believe this is the most subdued anger I have observed in President Trump. I believe he is getting a bit impatient with lying in wait.

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    • stella says:

      I did notice that the volume was down, and the delivery was quite subdued.

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      • lovely says:

        I tried looking for videos of an angry citizen Trump, I check old apprentice firings but really didn’t find anything as a good example.

        My guess is that President Trump gets quieter and quieter the angrier he gets, Trump allows people to hang themselves, and then moves on.

        We know that Kavanaugh’s daughters getting threats has to infuriate President Trump.

        I believe there is a video or there was a video of Trump firing someone on the Apprentice ( I believe a Kardashian) because she had to miss a show to be in court for a DUI. I can not find the video but I know something in accordance with this account exists because I watched it during the election cycle.

        This is the best I could find as to Trump’s angry demeanor. It is not that good of an example because citizen Trump was playing a role. But you do see the stillness of his anger.


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