Woodward: No Evidence Of Trump-Russia Collusion, I Searched For Two Years

Real Clear Politics

In an interview with Hugh Hewitt on Friday, Bob Woodward said that in his two years of investigating for his new book, ‘Fear,’ he found no evidence of collusion or espionage between Trump and Russia. Woodward said he looked for it “hard” and yet turned up nothing.

(Audio at link)

Hewitt’s verbatim statement and question:

I believe that if the president had actually read this book, and their team had read this book, they would not have attacked the book. They would have spun it differently, because there’s a lot complimentary in this book, the most important of which is John Dowd firmly believes, the president’s former lawyer, that the special counsel, Bob Mueller, has nothing. There’s no collusion, there’s nothing. It’s all a play to get an 18 USC 1001 perjury trap, and that POTUS should never sit down. Is that a fair assessment of what John Dowd believes?

The exchange between Woodward and Hewitt:

“So let’s set aside the Comey firing, which as a Constitutional law professor, no one will ever persuade me can be obstruction. And Rod Rosenstein has laid out reasons why even if those weren’t the president’s reasons. Set aside the Comey firing. Did you, Bob Woodward, hear anything in your research in your interviews that sounded like espionage or collusion?” Hugh Hewitt asked Woodward.

“I did not, and of course, I looked for it, looked for it hard,” Woodward answered. “And so you know, there we are. We’re going to see what Mueller has, and Dowd may be right. He has something that Dowd and the president don’t know about, a secret witness or somebody who has changed their testimony. As you know, that often happens, and that can break open or turn a case.”

HH: But you’ve seen no collusion?

BW: I have not.

Read the text of the complete exchange at Real Clear Politics


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5 Responses to Woodward: No Evidence Of Trump-Russia Collusion, I Searched For Two Years

  1. Lucille says:

    Well, well, now the Dems are in a dilemma. Loving his book when it comes to the derogatory parts, it just might be awkward to ignore the truth part of “no-collusion” with Russia/Putin. But ignore it they will.

    Hugh was one of the voices on the right that led me out of leftism. For his steadfastness in the loyal opposition I’ll always be grateful. He seemed to go the way of the Never Trumpers, though, and now I sorta class him in with Ben Shapiro…still making some very good points but tripping over the “character” issues that most of President Trump’s supporters find acceptable and even fun.

    Though I didn’t read it all, Hugh also interviewed John Kerry on Kerry’s new book. Come on, why give that traitor the time of day?

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  2. auscitizenmom says:

    I have no interest in his book. I don’t believe a lot of what he wrote is true. It may have actually been told to him, but he should not have printed it without checking to see if it was really true. I do believe he REALLY looked for something to print about collusion. That I believe.

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  3. jeans2nd says:

    Woodward thinks Pres Trump and Team should have read Woodward’s book? Phooey.
    Why would they? The media was permitted to spin this book before Pres Trump and Team even knew about it. Woodward of all people knows the narrative is all that matters, certainly not the truth. Had Woodward even a scintilla of integrity, Woodward would have given Pres Trump and Team at minimum a heads-up. Chump.


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