Video of the day …

Here is the Governor of Puerto Rico confirming the death toll of 16 people on Oct 3, 2017. About the 8:30 mark.

While the number undoubtedly increased, it was a number stated by the governor of Puerto Rico at that time.

To add to the discussion, read this article by Ben Shapiro, titled, Trump Denies That The Death Toll From Hurricane Maria Was 3,000. Here’s Where The Number Came From.

As usual, Ben can’t resist making snide remarks about our President, but the article is worth reading for the statistics. There are various estimates of deaths, and they are all over the map. Also included is this:

So, how was the count from Puerto Rico actually obtained? It was an approximation, not a list of names, according to Governor Ricardo Rossello. He stated the number could increase or decrease over time. George Washington University released a study based on “excess deaths” over the normal death rate at that particular time of year:

Our excess mortality study analyzed past mortality patterns (mortality registration and population census data from 2010 to 2017) in order to predict the expected mortality if Hurricane María had not occurred (predicted mortality) and compare this figure to the actual deaths that occurred (observed mortality).

They estimated “total excess mortality” at 2,975 – and that has become the government count. The Puerto Rican government had already increased its body count to 1,427 in early September, estimating deaths in the four months after the storm.

But Lynn Goldman, dean of the university’s Milken Institute of Public Health, which ran the study, admitted, “among all the deaths that occurred, which of them were related to Maria, which of them would not have occurred if it hadn’t been for the storm? We’re not able to say that now.”


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5 Responses to Video of the day …

  1. czarowniczy says:

    I was going to comment on this earlier but felt sure you’d pick it up.
    The feckless MSM doesn’t mention that Puerto Rico, America’s truest welfare ‘state’, was a sheer disaster before the hurricane. The MSM never asks about or mentions that Puerto Rico was TOTALLY unprepared for a hurricane, zero preparedness, nada – and they’re right in the middle of a hurricane freeway. They are so inured to their existence as a ‘throw me some free stuff mister’ island that when the situation dictates the taxpayers be squeezed harder the island gets anxious.
    Note that the MSM made the same outlandish guesstimates of Katrina casualties…though they CYA’d by coming up with the BS line that ‘many may have floated into the river or marshes’. In both cases NOLA and Puerto Rico had a Democratic administration with a high welfare population. Neither, despite pre-hurricane both offering its subjects glowing stories about how prepared it was, was prepared. The only difference between New Orleans and Puerto Rico is the number of English speakers…though New Orleans is getting better. There was a complete breakdown of the infrastructure, a total failure of government and residents living in 17th century conditions while government got back into luxury digs in no time – can’t govern from a foxhole. Another thing they had in common was government stealing relief supplies but that was to be expected in any 3rd world situation.
    I hope Trump gets the word out but were he to do so I’m sure the MSM would spin it to make him look like the Republican chupacabra (where is Elvis BTW?) kicking the downtrodden messes. That’ll get fixed though when the Rats make PR a state, giving them two more Rat senators and a busload of House members.

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  2. Lucille says:

    Democrat lies can sometimes overwhelm a person. The death count is just one more exaggeration from the Dem party sycophants.

    There’s got to be an accurate count somewhere. If there is, it should include the names, when they died, and of what. Or is that too much to ask? Or impractical? Or is P.R. so poorly run there’s no record of who was living where and it’s not known if they lived or died? Or does the truth go against the Dem program?

    But all this garbage is because Trump is a racist white supremacist, of course.

    Just make sure, Stellars, that everyone goes and votes. Defeating the leftie supreme haters in the Dem party is absolutely the most important political thing do be done for the rest of 2018. God, please have mercy upon America.

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  3. Col.(R) Ken says:

    Yes, a welfare state, also a drug state that imports, exports drug from Central America. Since Panama was lost……..


  4. Justice says:

    The accurate number of deaths will always be unknown. To them…all that matters to Democrats and the Globalists is regaining power and using lies and deception. It’s part of their official creed to deceive people for ‘a greater cause’. Leaders in the Islamic realm do the same thing.

    It is often called “Fake News”…but really the most accurate term is…”Propaganda”.

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