Here Comes Trouble – South Africa seizing land from white landowners

UPDATE! Added video of documentary, FARMLANDS.

By the way, wasn’t Obama just in South Africa? I don’t think he has condemned these practices.

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6 Responses to Here Comes Trouble – South Africa seizing land from white landowners

  1. jeans2nd says:

    Wayne Allen Root has a nice piece on Obama in Africa, in Townhall. Worth the time to read.

    “one white farmer is murdered every five days in South Africa. Hundreds of white land owners have been killed or badly injured in mob attacks since 2016.”

    “Obama praises the president of a nation murdering and robbing white people because of their race. No one says a word.”

    “The fact that you never even heard about it tells you everything about the fraud, deceit and fake news of the mainstream media.”

    Ilane Mercer, born in Johannesburg, also has a good piece in Townhall.

    “You know who’s not ignoring or minimizing those ongoing attempts at extermination and immiseration in South Africa? President Putin. ”
    “Russia has purportedly offered to give shelter to 15,000 white South African farmers, so far, recognizing them for the true refugees they are.”

    Will we never rid ourselves of this person?
    Thx for the updated “Farmlands” and the Molyneaux vid Stella.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      No one caught my error, Stella.
      Realized as soon as “enter” was hit that Molyneaux was not in the vid, it was Bill Whittle. Indeed, the guy at the very end says “Bill Whittle.”
      Oh well, color me stupid.

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  2. auscitizenmom says:

    Who knows what damage Obama is doing everywhere he goes.

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