PragerU: A Nation of Immigrants

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2 Responses to PragerU: A Nation of Immigrants

  1. stella says:

    A sensible man (a house painter) explains how and why illegals have largely taken over the building trades in L.A.:


  2. jeans2nd says:

    A month or so ago, ICE came and raided Freshmark Farms, chicken processors. There are three plants locally; there may be more.
    Wicked Son is friends with the IT guy at the Canton plant. IT Guy had a story.
    All Freshmark plants were raided at the same time. ICE came in dressed as Spec Ops guys, prob for intimidation. ICE hurt no one.

    At one of the plants, forget which, 187 were rounded up. Of the 187, 150 had stolen identities. That is over 80%.
    Those are real Americans that these guys hurt. Odds are those identities were sold more than once.
    Freshmark only pays $9/hr. But it’s ok as Freshmark is already back in business. And so it goes.

    Stella, your carpenter guy in the vid above only talks about the effect of illegal aliens on himself. How many high school kids would have obtained summer work that the illegals took away from them?
    Would that someone, anyone, would start speaking up for the damage done by illegal aliens to real Americans. Thank you Stella for continuing to spotlight this, and for the Prager U vids.

    Thank goodness for Pres Trump. Without Pres Trump, this country as we knew it would be gone by now imo. And thank goodness for Prager U, and the fact that Prager U is still fighting Youtube. Youtube has not yet succeeded in silencing Prager U. yet


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