Intellectual Froglegs w/Joe Dan Gorman

Apparently YouTube has scrubbed Joe Dan’s latest video, so I’m posting the Vimeo version as a public service. YouTube is stepping up their censorship of conservative content. PragerU had two of their videos deleted by YouTube Facebook for “hate speech” as well.

Intellectual Froglegs

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3 Responses to Intellectual Froglegs w/Joe Dan Gorman

  1. Lucille says:

    Google/YouTube, do you consider yourself God-like? Are you the sole arbiter of what is acceptable and unacceptable? How about what is racist or homophobic or sexist or islamophobic or Christophobic (oh, that’s right, you could care less about discrimination against or hatred for or fear of Christians and Christ)?

    That’s such a shame because I love the various offerings on YouTube. If I find something offensive, then I simply don’t watch it. Too bad that YT doesn’t understand that grown-ups don’t have to be protected from “icky” stuff. Adults don’t need someone guarding the mind.

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