Nunes on Bruce Ohr and the push to declassify DOJ documents


BARTIROMO: Welcome back. We’re back with the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunes is in the country of Georgia this weekend. He’s joining us on the telephone.

And, Mr. Chairman, you were just talking about Bruce Ohr. And I want to get right to that because he becomes the central figure now in this investigation. Your colleagues over on the Judiciary Committee have now subpoenaed him and we have a date. He’s going to testify in front of Judiciary on August 28th.

Why is he so central to this story?

NUNES: Well, because what has come out now, Maria, is that he has been the go-between Christopher Steele. So once Christopher Steele was terminated as a source for doing all things like talking to the media, at the behest the Glenn Simpson, so remember, he was working for Glenn Simpson, Fusion GPS, who were working for the Clinton campaign, Christopher Steele was fired.

A lot of this information wasn’t shared with the FISA court, especially the fact that Christopher Steele was desperate that Donald Trump not become president.

After that happened, Bruce Ohr, one of the top lawyers in the Department of Justice, kept continually meeting and providing information from Christopher Steele to who? The FBI. This is just madness. The American people need to know it. And I will tell you, like I said in the last segment, the fact that the media is ignoring this is even more of a reason that we’re going to have to have more information than usual declassified.

We’re going to have to have, I think, an unprecedented amount of information declassified because the media is just not covering this topic.

And I’ll just kind of close it with this. Don’t forget that Bruce Ohr’s wife, Nellie Ohr, who also will have to be interviewed soon, she also was working for Fusion GPS, working for the Clinton campaign. So here you have information flowing from the Clinton campaign from the Russians, likely, likely, I believe was handed directly from Russian propaganda arms to the Clinton campaign, fed into the top levels of the FBI and Department of Justice to open up a counter-intelligence investigation into a political campaign that has now polluted nearly every top official at the DoJ and FBI over the course of the last couple years. It is absolutely amazing.

BARTIROMO: Well, that is what is so extraordinary.

NUNES: And, quite frankly, it’s what you kind of see in this part of the world where I’m at now.

BARTIROMO: Right. I mean, the president has said maybe he would declassify this. What’s wrong with declassifying all of this information so the American people understand exactly what took place? Because you’re right. This is an incredible story and that is why we are doing it every Sunday morning to make sure the American people are informed as far as what went on.

Do you think the president will declassify this so that people understand what took place?

NUNES: I think he really has no choice, because I will tell you, you’re going to end up with a situation with half of America, including many — almost nearly every Republican member of Congress, who will have zero confidence in the Department of Justice and FBI.

And that just can’t be. We have to have a strong Department of Justice and a strong FBI that stays out of politics. And if we don’t get that soon, I think it’s just going to continue to deteriorate. And I think it’s like the speaker of the house, Paul Ryan, said several months ago, the Department of Justice and the FBI need to decide whether or not they want to be part of the clean-up crew or the cover-up crew.

And so right now, I just want to be clear, they are providing, slowly, but they are providing documentation. But we’re going to have to have all of this information declassified. And, really, we need an investigation into these top level people as to how somebody concocted the idea that it’s OK to take information from one political campaign and use it to open up an investigation on the other political — on somebody else’s opposing political party.


NUNES: It’s absolutely nuts.

BARTIROMO: And you’ve said many times on this program that there was zero evidence, official evidence available to launch an investigation into collusion between Donald Trump and the Russians. There was no evidence. It was all based on that unverified dossier.

Real quick, I’ll go one step further in terms of trusting the FBI and the DoJ again. That’s not going to happen until there is accountability. Will there be accountability? Will we see prosecutions?

NUNES: The only way there could be accountability is one step at a time. And it deals with full and complete transparencies, full sunlight on as many of the documents that don’t endanger national security, which, you know, from our — from our committee members, we’ve sent a letter to the president, we don’t believe that they’re going to jeopardize any sources or methods.

And I think people, I have said many times, are going to be shocked as to what went into a FISA warrant against Carter Page, and even more importantly, what did not go into the FISA application, that was not presented to the court involving the information that they had on Carter Page.

BARTIROMO: All right. We…

NUNES: Very, very concerning, not a way to run a counter-intelligence system in the united states or any country, for that matter.

BARTIROMO: It’s an extraordinary situation. It’s amazing that this took place in America during a presidential election. Mr. Chairman, it’s good to see you. We will see you when you get back Stateside. Thank you very much for joining us this morning.

NUNES: Thank you.


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