Silencing Alex Jones/InfoWars

Think of it as book burning. Alex Jones is just a test, because he is controversial with most conservatives. More will follow.

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6 Responses to Silencing Alex Jones/InfoWars

  1. stella says:

    Push for “Right Think” Marches On: YouTube Now Fact Checking Global Warming Videos


    Earlier this year, YouTube instated new rules on videos linking to or promiting the sale of guns and fun accessories.

    YouTube shut down our channel briefly, restricted several PragerU videos that weren’t remotely controversial (PragerU sued Google and YouTube), and banned Jordan Peterson before reinstating his channel (Google also kicked him out of his Google accounts at the same time). And this is just a small sampling.

    Though not doing so outright, the internet’s largest outlets for speech are slowly curtailing the kind of speech they allow, and never in a way that’s advantageous or encouraging to facts, discourse, or non-progressive thought.

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  2. jeans2nd says:

    They all have good points, but they are all still discussing from the conservative point of view. One needs to argue from the liberal point of view.

    This is not about social media, nor Alex Jones, nor any other thing from a conservative point of view. imo Recall, Ajit Pai’s FCC eliminated Obama’s beloved net neutrality, which introduced gubmint control over speech and inet.. Gubmint needed a legislative remedy that will not be so easily changed.
    When Pai eliminated net neutrality, gubmint needed a way to motivate the unwashed to call for gubmint intervention. imo

    Enter Alex Jones.
    Will the rubes fall for it?
    (methinks perhaps they underestimated the intelligence of conservatives. again lolol)

    btw, read this a.m. facebook traffic is down 50%, and snapchat or one of those things by nearly half. which re-introduces monopoly considerations for google. is a start.


  3. auscitizenmom says:

    Having seen Death of a Nation, this kind of stuff is getting scary.

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  4. Col.(R) Ken says:

    All of these platforms are private. Too include Stellas’. If Stella does not want you commenting on her blog, she has that right.
    Now, as Jeans2nd said, traffic on some of these sites is down. This BS between Microsoft and Gab needs to be resolved……..
    If only I had a few hundred million…..


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