Juan Browne – California Wildfires 2018 – California’s Unsustainable Legacy

Fundamental issues impacting California wildfires.

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3 Responses to Juan Browne – California Wildfires 2018 – California’s Unsustainable Legacy

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  2. Lucille says:

    Environmental laws are lobbied heavily by leftie groups who haven’t a clue about REAL conservation methods. Blaming the fires on manmade global warming is, of course, a joke considering that the fires are as a result of man not doing his job in taking care of these vital forests and lands in a scientific manner.

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    • czarowniczy says:

      Roger that, one brave reporter describing anew fire that appears to be intentionally set said it was burning in an area that hadn’t bbeen cleaned/prescribe burned in DECADES. As anyb tree farmer (go ahead, ask me) about prescribed, controlled burns to kill weeds, burn debris and release nutrients back into nthe soil. Within months after the burn lush green vegetation starts to blossom and feeds the wildlife.
      If we don’t burn the forest floor crud builds up and creates a real fire hazard, controlled burns done professionally decrease wildfires and lessen their impacts. Many explorers who went into Indian lands (they called them Indians back they, they were sooooo un-PC) were surprised with the almost park-like forests devoid of underbrush and debris where the Indians did prescribed burns. Seems they’d seen the benefits of fires caused by lightening and led by example.
      Then again what does a tree farmer know about taking care of trees compared to some snowflake treehugger or Hollyork personality with a platoon of illegal gardiners? Come on Gov Brown, let’s form a drum circle and beg Gaia for forgivness.

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