General Discussion, Monday, July 23, 2018

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  1. Lucille says:

    In keeping with your top-of-the-page theme, Stella….

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  2. Morning everyone 🙂

    Today’s painting is ‘At the Beach’ by Margaret Tarrant

    In the painting the girl is looking up at the sky (and birds), and at the Vienna Natural History Museum there is an amazing way of showing a jellyfish – hanging from the ornate ceiling! So Lovely you can look up and see the sea creatures (almost) in the sky 🙂

    Here are some other beautiful, what I think are jellyfish. The text was in German and my German is way too rusty to read scientific terms.

    These two jellyfish when shown with their stands reminded me of Tiffany lamps – especially the 1st one 😉

    Have a great day everyone 🙂

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  3. Lucille says:

    Ten problems with the release of the heavily redacted FISA warrants on Carter Page
    By Thomas Lifson – July 22, 2018

    It is a huge scandal that the vast, frightening surveillance powers of our intelligence agencies, normally forbidden from snooping on American citizens, were used to spy on a presidential campaign antagonistic to the sitting president. Far too slowly, the underlying documents that permitted this are coming to light.

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  4. WeeWeed says:

    Mornin’ y’all!

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  5. Nyet…. we miss you! Hope your move was successful.

    Breakfast y’all! Happy Monday!

    And just because it’s fun:

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  6. stella says:

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  7. stella says:

    “49 years ago today.”

    “It’s hard to imagine what sort of person would leave another to slowly drown in that situation…
    Teddy Kennedy is the sort of person, that’s who, a hero of the Democrats… Their “Lion of the Senate”.

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    • auscitizenmom says:

      The world is a better place for his absence. 👿

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    • Menagerie says:

      This is one of the most heinous things I have ever heard about. I wonder who else was complicit in this? You know that sniveling weak spawn had to have gone home and confided in somebody. Who? Who else knew she was in that car dying?

      I love my sons, but cannot imagine the irreparable damage our relationship would undergo should they be of such poor character as to slowly torture a person to death. I do not know how I could ever again look at them.

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      • Howie Carr may be a pain to listen to, but he has done the research, and knows the history and dirt on many. Take your blood pressure meds before reading these. Here are a couple of excerpts:
        “In his definitive book on Chappaquiddick, Leo Damore wrote that Teddy’s cousin Joe Gargan said that in the moments after the accident, Teddy considered telling police that Mary Jo had been in the car by herself when it went off the dike bridge:
        “Why couldn’t Mary Jo have been driving the car?” Gargan recalled Teddy as saying. “Why couldn’t she have let me off, and driven to the ferry herself and made a wrong turn.”
        Hey, just seven years earlier his brothers had managed to wiggle out of the Marilyn Monroe scandal. Why couldn’t the runt of the litter do the same with Mary Jo?
        As her corpse floated in the car for nine hours, Teddy made 17 calls – including to one of his mistresses, to a brother-in-law, to the compound in Hyannis Port, to one of Bobby’s lawyers. Finally, after the Olds had already been pulled out of the water, he strolled into the Edgartown police station and wrote out the accident report in longhand, leaving a blank space next to “Mary Jo,” because he didn’t know her last name.”
        “A couple of more great moments in Chappaquiddick:
        Teddy is ordering one of his minions to hustle Mary Jo’s corpse off the island, and the hack says okay “but there may be a delay if they want to perform an autopsy.” And Teddy starts yelling, “Why do you think I want it out of here!?!””

        As my father would say “He has gone to his just reward”.

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        • You know – I keep on not making quotes and who says what clear when writing comments – sigh -> As my father would say “He has gone to his just reward” are my words, not Howie Carr’s.

          Is there a webpage or somewhere that tells how to put italics and indents etc in comments. This is very frustrating. I have looked and looked on wordpress, but it seems it is just for the person setting up the website. I am not registered there, maybe that’s why I can’t find anything. Is there a web address someone can please post for me to know how to find this out so I can write better comments? Thank you 🙂

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      • auscitizenmom says:

        I think he told quite a few somebodies, and all they cared about was the politics of it. Maybe there was one or two who went back to try to save her. I can’t remember.

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    • Lucille says:

      I haven’t yet gone to the links listed below, but some of the awful facts are…there was a house nearby and he chose not to go there for help but instead walk all the way back to the party house. It’s estimated Mary Jo lived for two hours, trapped.

      If Kennedy had been any kind of decent person, he would not have left the car without her. He says he tried to save her. But did he? It’s only his word and we know what that’s worth.

      When his cousins went with him back to the scene, he didn’t help them but sat moaning and crying on the embankment or bridge, trying to think how he was going to get out of the situation. The men are accessories for covering it up, but nothing happened to them either.

      I was a very liberal Dem at the time but even I was disgusted at how leaders and rank/file were trying to give Kennedy excuses like cut him some slack…he’s endured so much with the death of his brothers. Give me a barf-up break!

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  8. stella says:

    Detroit News:

    Marchionne, CEO of Fiat, Chrysler, Ferrari exits suddenly; Manley ascends

    Mike Manley, head of Jeep and Ram, takes helm at FCA effective immediately amidst Marchionne health crisis.

    Fiat Chrysler Automobiles communicates with profound sorrow that during the course of this week unexpected complications arose while Mr. Marchionne was recovering from surgery and that these have worsened significantly in recent hours,” the automaker said in a statement.

    “As a consequence, Mr. Marchionne will be unable to return to work.”

    Marchionne’s duties at FCA will be assumed by Mike Manley, who had been running FCA’s Jeep division.

    “The success of the Jeep brand under Mike Manley and his global background make him the smart choice to be the new head of FCA,” Karl Brauer, executive publisher of Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book, said in a statement. “His international experience in growing that brand will play a key role as he applies those techniques to all of the Fiat Chrysler divisions.”

    According to Reuters, Marchionne had intended to remain as Chairman and CEO of Ferrari until 2021.

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  9. stella says:

    Just How Far Will the Left Go? Victor Davis Hanson


    Given the growing furor over half the country as demonized clingers, deplorables, and crazies, if Trump did not exist, a don’t-tread-on-me street fighter would have had to be invented. Progressives have gone ballistic that any opponent would reply to them in kind. Think of “Caddyshack,” when uncouth Rodney Dangerfield burst into smug Ted Knight’s country club.

    The Left did not just lose the 2016 election, it lost the Congress, the presidency, and the Supreme Court. And it lost them all to a rash, uncouth Queens-accented Manhattan billionaire reality TV star, who systematically planned to dismantle eight years of Obama Administration executive-orders. And unlike almost all prior politicians Trump when in office kept his promises and systematically went about to halt the supposed progressive future. Think of a liberal nightmare something akin to Sarah Palin as president in 2012…

    The progressive hysteria reveals the lack of an idea. Kill, humiliate, delegitimize Trump is not a sustainable political agenda whether winning a local assembly seat or a liberal majority on the Supreme Court. But then neither are socialist ideas. If the Left was intellectually honest it would run in November on what it now professes are its new core beliefs: the abolition of ICE, the end to all deportations, open borders, expansions of affirmative action, abortion on demand, and identity politics, cancellation of student debt, universal Medicare-like coverage for Americans of all ages, massive tax hikes, more regulations, and less fossil fuel production, and an EU-like socialist-democratic foreign policy.

    The problem is that the above is probably not a 51percentwinnable program. And progressives fear that their base will not allow them to move to the center to capture the old blue-collar white working class, or the Perot, Tea-Party and Blue Dog voter. Nor can they afford to move much further leftward, given they are increasingly dependent on Obama-like identity politics candidates without an Obama-like charismatic candidate…

    So, for now, they rant, they rave, and they stew, accepting that they cannot do what might save them and therefore they only do more of what is destroying them. Out of that lose-lose dilemma was birthed Trump hatred. Without a persuasive argument, progressives came up with the mantra that Trump is a traitor, and that all they needed to do was to explain to supposedly dense voters that their current economic renaissance was actually jackbooted National Socialism.

    How far will the Left go? I fear that we have seen nothing yet.

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  10. stella says:

    Senator Rand Paul Meeting With Trump to Request John Brennan’s Security Clearance Be Revoked

    Senator Rand Paul will be meeting with President Donald Trump on Monday afternoon to request that disgraced former CIA Director John Brennan have his security clearance revoked.

    Brennan has been working in the media and bashing Trump for airtime, even accusing the president of treason following the meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in a series of unhinged tweets.

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  11. stella says:

    Our President is on the move again!

    Trump to appear at Granite City steel factory Thursday

    WASHINGTON • President Donald Trump on Thursday will visit the Granite City Works, a steel-producing factory that has re-opened as a result of trade tariffs that Trump has put on China, Mexico and other nations.

    The White House made the announcement Monday morning, adding another stop to a week in which he will spend two days in the Midwest. Trump is expected to speak to the Veterans of Foreign Wars’ convention in Kansas City on Tuesday. He will be in Dubuque, Iowa, on Thursday, prior to his visit to Granite City.

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  12. stella says:

    Seen on Facebook:

    I think it’s obvious that borders define, preserve, and protect a nation. I think it’s also obvious that bearing and nurturing a new generation preserves and perpetuates a people and their culture. With that in mind, if you can help me explain the following:

    Can anyone explain to me why Chuck Schumer is for borders and against abortion in Israel, but is against borders and for abortion in America?


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  13. stella says:

    This brought a few tears to my old eyes …

    Celebrating our 41st wedding anniversary
    By Lloyd Marcus

    Through it all, Mary has been my greatest supporter, lover, and friend – truly an awesome gift from God. I recently rerecorded this song I wrote to Mary over 20 years ago. On July 23, our 41st wedding anniversary, the lyrics are even more true today. My love song is titled “When I Look in Your Eyes.” Please enjoy.

    Read the whole thing. It’s a good story.

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  14. jeans2nd says:

    Afternoon Stella and Stellars. Hope your day is fun so far.

    Listened to hours and hours of the Aspen psychotics this weekend. One cannot imagine living one’s life in such doom and gloom. Should there be anyone in this world who needs a good dose of Jesus, it is these people. Please pray for these people. These people need help, and are way beyond psycho-logical help.

    There were two “discussions” which stuck in my mind, other than Sec Neilsen. The first was Tom Bossert. This writer is ashamed that she disparaged Tom Bossert when Bossert “resigned.” Bossert himself said Bolton fired him. One suspects Bossert did not want to leave.

    Bossert stuck up for Pres Trump, and actually argued with the insufferable (descriptive adjective withheld) Lisa Monaco. Monaco attempted salvaging her point, but Bossert had left no room for more stupidity.

    The other was a “discussion” moderated by (again, adjective withheld) Bill Crystal. What a putz.
    Best sit down here. This one is a shocker.
    Anyway, Hugh Hewitt was the only one who stood up for Pres Trump, and explained Pres Trump’s actions and intentions.
    Yes, Hugh Hewitt. smh Wonder what Hewitt wants.

    Dan Coates was the real surprise. Coates, of all people, should have known what Andrea Mitchell was attempting to do imo, and somehow Coates obliged. Not understanding this one.

    Hope your weekend was fun. There is more fun to be had today. Have a Great Afternoon.

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  15. auscitizenmom says:

    Beautiful. How wonderful to be loved by somebody like that.

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  16. stella says:

    I will write a sample comment that contains common html editing elements, then I will get a screen shot of the edit window of that comment and paste it in a comment after the sample comment.

    See at the bottom in a little while.

    and OR and surrounding text makes it bold.
    and OR and surrounding text makes it italic.


    surrounding text (block quote) will both indent text and turn on italics.
    and surrounding text (delete) puts a line through the text.


  17. stella says:

    There is a possibility that we may be able to see the Northern Lights tonight here in southern Michigan. If there isn’t cloud cover!

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  18. stella says:

    I know that none of you are interested in Stormy, but this is another piece in the saga:

    FORNEY (CBSDFW.COM) – The woman at the center of a political scandal – Stormy Daniels – will soon join the single life.

    Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford lives in Forney.

    Her husband, Glendon Crain filed the petition for divorce on July 18 in district court in Kaufman County, located just southeast of Dallas. In his 13-page divorce petition filed July 18, Crain alleged adultery as grounds for the divorce and seeks sole custody of the couple’s 7-year-old daughter and child support from Clifford, as well as a disproportionate share of the couple’s community property.

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  19. stella says:

    Oliver Cameron’s story tells you all you need to know about socialized medicine.

    If it were not for the Charlie Gard case, this child would probably be dead too. The NHS was shamed into allowing this little boy’s surgery.

    The story of Oliver Cameron, born with a deadly heart condition and saved by surgeons at Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH), is an inspiring testament to the refusal of two parents to accept anything less than state-of-the-art medical treatment for their baby. Yet, if you want to know the details of his amazing recovery, you won’t find them in any major U.S. news outlet. Why not? Oliver’s story highlights the abject failure of socialized medicine and the spectacular success of the best health care system on the planet. In other words, it belies an ongoing propaganda campaign conducted by the media…

    It soon became evident that, for Oliver to have any chance of reaching his first birthday, the tumor had to be removed. At this point Oliver’s parents were horrified to learn that the UK’s socialized medical system, the National Health Service (NHS), doesn’t employ a single surgeon with the expertise to perform that procedure. All they offered Oliver was a place on a purgatorial heart transplant list, but Tim and Lydia Cameron didn’t accept that. They began researching their son’s condition hoping to find some ray of hope. They found it at Boston Children’s Hospital. The BCH website explains:…

    The NHS predictably refused the couple’s plea for Oliver to be sent to Boston where competent surgeons could perform the life-saving surgery. Lydia and Tim then asked if the NHS would agree to bring the American surgeons to the UK to perform the procedure. Inevitably, the NHS refused that request also. In desperation, the couple set up a crowd-funding page on GoFundMe in the hope that the NHS would allow Oliver to go to the U.S. if they paid for it themselves. By the middle of August, the Camerons had raised nearly £150,000 of their £200,000 goal…

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  20. stella says:

    Lightning over Sunshine Skyway Bridge ,Tampa, Fl . Pic credit Justin Battles from Fox 13.

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  21. Lucille says:



    Yorkshire, England

    Victoria Falls, Zambia

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  22. auscitizenmom says:

    lilbirdee12’s prayer:

    Our Heavenly Father, Your children come to you tonight to ask for healing and peace throughout our country so that we may return to being One Nation Under God. Guide us to be leaders in Your Kingdom, spreading Your Love and Salvation to all. Forgive us our sins and deliver us from evil.

    Lord, we ask for a blanket of protection over all our troops and law enforcement who serve to defend and protect us. Bless our representatives with the strength and wisdom they need to achieve the path You have chosen for us.

    Please place Your Guardian Angels of Protection around Donald Trump and Mike Pence and their families as they seek to lead America back to You.

    Grant us patience, Lord, as the evil ones try to anger us and cause us to fall.
    Spread blessings over Israel and Netanyahu.

    We humbly ask that You please comfort those who are grieving and in pain.
    Thank you Father, for Your Love and the gift of Life.

    In Jesus name, we pray. Amen.

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