Primer for quilt block foundation piecing

I promised litenmaus that I would dig up this information, so here it is!

Information taken from this book, A Quilter’s Ark. There is much more good info here that includes how to select fabrics, how to assemble your quilt, how to embroider etc. I’ll just include the information about foundation piecing. If you are interested in acquiring the book for yourself, here it is on Amazon. There is a Kindle edition for less money, although I think that having the book is a better idea, in this case, because it contains patterns. ADD: Used copies available for very little money. The author has published other related books as well.

Here are the pages that I scanned:

Here is an example of a completed block using the “cat” pattern, and a small quilt that uses the same pattern:

Here is the pattern:

If there are any other patterns you might like, let me know. Here is the Table Of Contents, with a list of all of the blocks in the book:


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10 Responses to Primer for quilt block foundation piecing

  1. Gil says:

    Now I have easy starter info. Ty!

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  2. litenmaus says:

    Thanks for hunting down these instructions Stella, it makes perfect sense…I had given up and just went to doing all applique work, but there are some pretty amazing paper piecing patterns out there, so I’m gonna give it another try. :0)


  3. stella says:

    This quilt was made using the patterns from this book:


  4. facebkwallflower says:

    There are youtube videos that will leave you either enlightened or completely confused! I have used several methods but always go back to using traditional paper piecing that includes tearing out all the paper. My birds I am doing with freezer paper and no paper to tear out. I am still getting the hang of it; a challenge as I am directionally challenged (yeah, I know “directionally” is not technically a word) but really like it and may find myself not gravitating back to the simple but messing traditional method as fast as in the past.

    That is a beautiful and lovely quilt, Stella. I have been studying it, trying to decide which block is my favorite!

    I have not been doing my birds of late as took a job as an industrial sewer, taking advantage of President Trump’s economic boom; not enough workers so companies training and wages and benefits have increased drastically. So, I sew all day and love it! Oh my, now I want an industrial sewing machine, too. The place is very positive and a non-stress, non-drama environment — even though over a 150 women! Actually, it is like therapy. Start at six with stretching and cardio exercises. Sew until 8:30 for break. Fifteen minutes later, more exercises before sewing. 11:30 lunch is there before I know it. Noon is back to work, but first the mini-workout. 2:30 I go home unless I want to take a ten minute break, do more stretches, and sew some more until four (time and half). It is weird how all those hours can seem like just a couple. It is very relaxing and zennish. In fact, I don’t say I am going to work but going to retreat therapy. Only downside is not creating my birds.

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    • stella says:

      Interesting! What are you sewing?


      • facebkwallflower says:

        The seat covers for Bennington boats. I have only learned how to do the recliners. Vinyls. Some pretty fancy vinyls. The facility I work at makes seats for 50 boats a day. Look them up and you will see there is a lot of seating in the boats. I still cannot believe I can make them. Oh, the curves; and the notches can match without pulling and stretching one piece once you get the hang of it. It is like doing puzzles all day.

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