Ode to liberal despair – Larry Schweikart (aka The winning has only started)

Hat tip to WeeWeed!

Ode to Liberal Despair

It is good in life to see your enemies driven before you, to hear the lamentations of their snowflakes.

The Douchenozzles wail; the dicknipples rage, yet I will rejoice.

There are two things that give me mirth, no, three.

2) Chrissy Matthews trying to form a sentence,

Blind Lemon Don holding back tears,

and Broken Kristol tearing his latest issue of Weakly Standard in half.

3) Let them fulminate, for it brings cheer and happiness to America

4) Music fills the air, drowning out their whine.

5) The DNC erupts in horror and defeat. Lo, it warms my heart.

6) Cankles blames Russia and Combover. Yea, I will raise my glass of diet A&W Root Beer!

7) For no sound could be as sweet as that of Progressives withering under the sunlight of Trumpian truth.

8) Voices of goodness and cheer rise from Trump rallies; Marlon Bundo Pence praises the Lord Almighty.

9) I will rejoice.

10) For Yertle hath found the Harry Reid rule, and The Donald wields the nomination list like a mighty sword!

11) He who was given the cloak of invincibility by the Deplorables shall slay 10,000 regulations with the jawbone of a Biteme;

His economy rolleth on under the Lord as a mighty Trumptrain.

Globalists fall beneath its wheels.

12) Frau Blucher and the Maple Thief are powerless before his shield of tariffs,

13) Bootless and DailyBeasters, bloggers and Benji crumble beneath the might of #WalkAway for their ideas are dirt.

They are but dicknipples in the Great Patriotic Wind.

14) Lo, though we may tire of WINNING, we gird our loins and soar like a Space Force over our pathetic enemies;

15) Weak and whimpering so-called “Antifa” fascists whose remaining lands are Germany and once-Great Britain!

16) Join the chorus!

17) Lift your voices in praise to the Eternal God who rendered “Progressive” a hiss and a byword,

18) Who has goosed the heathens’ rage, that it flames out faster than Peter Fonda’s film career.

19) For it is we who laugh–not as a track with the fake late-night “comedians”

20) But with robust joy as the “I’m With Her” posters shred beneath our feet, for ever and ever.

21) Because it has been revealed,


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7 Responses to Ode to liberal despair – Larry Schweikart (aka The winning has only started)

  1. Menagerie says:

    Wee finds good stuff!

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  2. czarowniczy says:

    I lean more towards diet Barqs but….I’ll add the sight of liberals following Ginsberg, Breyer and Roberts around with life support equipment.

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  3. lovely says:


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  4. rheavolans says:

    Why am I not allowed to like this post more than once?

    We should make this into a pop song, or use parts of it in a commercial, and taunt the libs more!

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  5. lovely says:

    In the spirit of Larry Schwekart, just look at those sad, sad faces and yet in their glowering sour sadness they are asking for a miracle can.

    I would like to ask them from whence this miracle might come. To whom do they plead for this miracle? What miracle worker is smiling on them as they advocate for barbaric slaughter of innocents in the womb? As they advocate for killers, child molesters, barbarians, euthanasia of the voiceless and the weak, as they demand the mutilation of young bodies and minds be normalized, from whom do they ask a miracle?

    And what in the hell would their miracle look like?

    Durbin: ‘We Don’t Have the Power’ to Play Hardball on SCOTUS Nominee


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  6. Patriot says:

    Payback is going to be a bitch. We will never forget your treason.


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