Brexit becomes law!

Fox News/msn

The British government’s so-called Brexit legislation that would allow the country to leave the European Union became law Tuesday after Queen Elizabeth II gave her approval.

House Commons Speaker John Bercow announced that the European Union Withdrawal Bill received royal assent and passed into law. The announcement was cheered by pro-Brexit officials.

“I have to notify the House in accordance with the Royal Assent Act 1967 that her Majesty has signified her royal assent to the following acts … European Union Withdrawal Act 2018,” Bercow said.

Although the bill has passed, opponents will continue to attempt to undermine British sovereignty. Already, some EU legislation has been added to British law. Nevertheless, this is big step in the right direction.


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1 Response to Brexit becomes law!

  1. Gil says:

    At least its an official decision and confirmation. Theyll still be underhanded and subversive, but it helps.
    Good stuff today.

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