Watch Live: Paul Ryan holds press conference ahead of immigration vote

Watch LIVE at 11:30am EST: Speaker Paul Ryan holds his weekly press briefing ahead of Congress’ vote to end family separation at the border, as well as reportedly taking on DACA.

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2 Responses to Watch Live: Paul Ryan holds press conference ahead of immigration vote

  1. Lucille says:

    Whatever happens on the various immigration bills, nothing will satisfy everyone. The wall MUST be built. We MUST have control over who enters our country. We MUST treat people humanely who break our laws and part of that treatment is to penalize them in such a manner that they will not try to break our laws again (yeah, not terribly realistic).

    FACT: we will get no help from the Left. FACT: the Left is full of people who have a deranged mindset. It’s actually rather startling that they have descended so low; but it’s all a means to an end–their desire to take over and put us into bondage to THEM.

    So, what to do except keep on trying to solve the problems with the people we have available. If the various House members are not doing their jobs, it’s time for their constituents to throw them out and replace them with people who want to have a nation of laws, who don’t want to pick and choose which laws they will obey and which laws they will ignore. Easier said than done.

    Paul Ryan is such a personable man. Unlike we are constantly hearing, he does NOT seem in favor of open borders. Now whether he’s merely playing a game and not fessing up to his true beliefs is always a possibility. I don’t know…can’t read his mind, but there does not seem to be any “lie” tells.

    One thing I did notice that might validate my long-held belief that he does not care personally for President Trump is the fact that he never mentions him by name. It’s either “the President” or the “Executive Branch.” Now, there’s nothing wrong with that. We say “the President” all the time. But it does sort of indicate an underlying lack of respect not to call Donald Trump by his name at least on occasion.

    If you have time, you might watch the following vid from yesterday…”House Republican Leadership’s Weekly Press Briefing”

    It’s quite interesting, and I just might start watching them weekly–if I have the time. I made some notes on this episode. Speaking are Paul Ryan, Steve Scalise, Kevin McCarthy, Cathy Rodgers, Kevin Brady, and Mike Johnson. Only two mention President Trump by name–the bald-headed guy, Kevin Brady, who said “President Trump” once; and Steve Scalise who mentioned “President Trump” five times and also quoted him and expressed his thanks to him for attending the meeting Tuesday evening…very respectful.

    It may be an extremely small thing, but it bothers me.

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  2. lovely says:

    I can’t listen to Paul Ryan any more than I can listen to Hillary or Barack. It makes ears feel as if a very long needle is going in one and out the other.



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