Talking about the cult of Trump (or Obama)

A new meme among Dems and Never Trumpers is that supporters of President Trump are cultists. Among those who say this is Senator Bob Corker:

It is the latest talking point for the media:

If you haven’t seen this yet, just log in to Twitter and search for “trump cult”.

I just have this to say:

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12 Responses to Talking about the cult of Trump (or Obama)

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    {gag} All those pictures. 🙄

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  2. auscitizenmom says:

    This whole “cult” thing about President Trump is ridiculous as you point out.

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  3. czarowniczy says:

    And Obama’s followers believed he’d lead them through Heaven’s Gate.

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    • auscitizenmom says:

      You know that election was about race. Blacks voted for Obama because he was supposed to be black. Whites, for the most part I believe, voted for him because they didn’t want to be considered racist. Sort of an affirmative action vote, in a way, too.


      • czarowniczy says:

        I believe the Obama ‘white vote’ was heavily influenced by nearly 3 generations of psychological operations designed to instill a sense of guilt over slavery into people who were not alive at the time, many of whom ‘s relatives weren’t even living here atb the time. Only way ton expiate that guilt is to embrace eveything non-white.


  4. lovely says:

    If only the elites could get outside of their boxed in heads and see reality.

    I bet not a single Liberal would look at the magazine covers that Stella posted and the covers here and seen a single bias. Their critical thinking skills have been rendered null by their hatred. How sad to have given up the majority of your free will, your very soul, to the cult of hate.

    Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.__Martin Luther King, Jr.


  5. Gil says:

    Anything they think will stick. And john legend and others flat out saying f.u. to paul ryan, flotus, and their demeanor. Getting nastier and louder. They should lose company endirsement contracts and all should be shamed. But we should keep track of these unhinged people, in case they become actively violent/inciteful.

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    • lovely says:

      Unhinged is the perfect word.

      Imagine if James Woods had walked out on stage and said “F*ck Obama!” and went on the rant that the drunkard, elitist snobby slob, fairy fake tough guy, “Please don’t get my tootsies wet” De Niro did.

      These folks absolutely believe that they are the characters that they play. I have watched this for a while and I am entirely convinced that people like Jodie Foster believe that they are the victim or the hero who they portray, not even the victim or the hero but a better more pure version of their character.

      Someone who immediately comes to mind is Mariska Hargitay, I think she believes that she has put predators in jail and rescued 100’s of victims, she believes that she is the character she plays on Law & Order, a true heroine in her own mind and sadly victims of true crime often feed her ego.

      Robert De Niro is an ignorant, disgusting, low IQ, goose stepping, Anti-American, elitist who views himself as a deity, a maker and arbitrator of morality not a follower of an objective morality. Barbara Streisand, Michael Moore, Madonna, Rosie O, Miley Cyrus, John Oliver, John Legend, Jk Rowling, George Clooney, Chris Brown, Amy Schumer, Matt Damon, George Takei, Cher, Johnny Depp, Will Smith, et al, are all Robert De Niro, nothing more, nothing less, there is not a lick of difference between any of them. How horrified they will be if they are ever struck with the consciousness that they have sacrificed their reasoning skills, their very humanity on the altar of fame and fortune but mostly with narrow, small scared minds, on the supreme altar of fitting in with their colleagues.

      Sick, sick hateful people.

      Delusional is as delusional does.

      The entire Hollywood Elite Cult is totally, entirely, completely, unreservedly, exclusively un- self-aware.


  6. lovely says:

    50 Media Mistakes in the Trump Era: The Definitive List

    1. Aug. 2016-Nov. 2016:
    The New York Post published modeling photos of Trump’s wife Melania and reported they were taken in 1995. Various news outlets relied on that date to imply that Melania—an immigrant—had violated her visa status. But the media got the date wrong. Politico was among the news agencies that later issued a photo date correction.

    2. Oct. 1, 2016:
    The New York Times and other media widely suggested or implied that Trump had not paid income taxes for 18 years. Later, tax return pages leaked to MSNBC ultimately showed that Trump actually paid a higher rate than Democrats Bernie Sanders and President Obama.

    3. Oct. 18, 2016:
    In a Washington Post piece not labelled opinion or analysis, Stuart Rothenberg reported that Trump’s path to an electoral college victory was “nonexistent.”

    4. Nov. 4, 2016:
    USA Today misstated Melania Trump’s “arrival date from Slovenia” amid a flurry of reporting that questioned her immigration status from the mid-1990s.

    and on and on …..

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  7. Lucille says:

    Oh, like JFK isn’t a cult-like figure?

    Robert Kennedy–even as recent as this year people are trotting out the fake news about how wonderful he was (no mention of his affair with Jackie, though). Can they even name one accomplishment of his?

    As for FDR, Americans had pictures of him on their walls right alongside Jesus.

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