Trey Gowdy on Fox New Sunday

Seen on Facebook:

Jane: I just watched Fox News Sunday with Trey Gowdy. First of all were you guys aware that the Rep Congress met Friday night with all the FBI guys and told them that if they don’t produce all the docs this week they are going after them and will bring all of them down. And those orders came from Ryan.
Gowdy is beside himself with the report and the dishonesty of the FBI. And it is his opinion that the Mueller investigation is toast. All of the republicans agreed that Peter Strozk’s text message is 100x worse than anything Mueller can come up with, and if he plans to prosecute Trump his key witness is Comey and Comey has about as much credibility as a dead rat.

Wallace was shocked, and even the panel agreed it was over.

Time will tell. Seems the Demrats are still pushing the narrative, the media repeats it, and too many in the public are swallowing it. All we can do is keep pushing back on blogs and social media. Honest people are catching on and some do respond to facts when they are presented.

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  1. stella says:

    More info. Maria Bartiromo interviews Devin Nunes at the beginning of this video:

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