It’s Caturday!

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  1. Tripod is old enough to understand English. Smart cat.

    When I leave for work, and I gotta be there in like 10 minutes, he hides, because he knows the word “outside”. He jumps off his middle-of-the-room bed and runs to the back corner UNDER my queen-sized bed. I am able, understand this, to wriggle under there and retrieve him, but it’s not fun, nor good for my body. I just go out for a smoke, then when I come in, he’s back on his blankies, and if I’m lucky and quick, I can snatch that little s**t, and gently place him outside. 😀

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    • About 5 years ago, he pooped in my bed. I didn’t have a litter box at that time, and he wasn’t yet smart enough to meao at the door when he needed to make poopies.

      It was liquid. Lots of it. It was actually the SOUND that woke me up. Horrifying. I knew, as I woke up instantly, and I tend to do that, what that sound signified. I had to do two loads of laundry at 3:30 AM, before I could go back to bed. I put the fear of God into that cat.

      Months later he pooped on the rug. Taught that beast again.

      A few months ago he pooped in the tub, right next to the drain. Good kitty. Cats learn.

      Now he just meaws at the door when he needs to do the duty. Took him long enough.

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    • auscitizenmom says:



  2. To go along with the recent daily thread discussion of dogs not wanting to go out in the rain, we have the same problem with a kitty here 😉

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