FBI Director press conference re the Inspector General’s report

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5 Responses to FBI Director press conference re the Inspector General’s report

  1. WeeWeed says:

    I.Just.Love.It. I REALLY love the civility of the “press” as opposed to their treatment of Sara Sanders an hour before. Total assholes, all of them.

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  2. stella says:

    From Facebook:

    Lou Dobb’s and Jim Jordan discussing Wray’s comment that the IG Report found “No political Bias.”

    Lou: Your reaction?

    Jordan: Director Wray is just not accurate because in the report itself it says “we do not have confidence that Strzok’s decision was free from bias.” What were they referring to? They were referring to Peter Strzok, at the end of the Clinton Investigation saying “lets focus on Russia and not looking at Weiner’s laptop and stuff that relates to the Clinton Investigation.” And why is that important? Because the one text message that was so explosive in this report is the one were Peter Strzok says “We’ll stop Trump from being President. We’ll stop him.” That to me is the main thing. That’s the context. Understand that. So for Director Wray to say that “This was free from bias” that is not accurate. Mr Horowitz himself said “We do not have confidence that Strzok’s decision was free from bias.” In other words that’s like saying “This guy had an agenda, and it is obvious to anyone who looks at this in an objective way.”

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  3. auscitizenmom says:

    All I can say is, I hope my neighbors had not gotten home yet. 🙄


  4. lovely says:

    Thanks for posting the Wray presser Stella.

    I won’t be reading the entire IG report, at least I don’t think so. I’m sure important parts will be published, tweeted and retweeted.

    I kind of feel like Wictor in my fidelity to President Trump’s work, as Wictor says “I’ve delineated this to President Trump, he has a better handle on it than me.”

    Some very notable and telling things in Wray’s prepared speech. IMO Wray was angry as a hornet. His sole purpose was to defend the FBI (as the sum of its parts while chastising the parts he was clearly disappointed in) and he is embarrassed by the obvious breech of honor.

    Wray tipped his hand when he said;

    Let’s also be clear on the scope of this report it’s focused on a specific set of events back in 2016 a small number of FBI employees connected to those events ….nothing in this report impugns the FBI as a whole …. <<< This right here tells a thinking person that “a small number of FBI employees” were led by their bias, had personal conflicts, they were not held responsible for their conduct, had inappropriate media contacts and did not adhere to FBI policies.

    Wray said as much.

    It was also interesting to hear Wray refer to FBI agents as employees rather than agents, employees trying to thwart a duly elect US President is more palatable than FBI Agents working on a silent coup.

    So how did Wray say that he is going to fix everything?

    He’s calling in a huddle, a brain squeeze, folks are making brownies and they’re all going talk about how they can be better people, a damn safety fair for Feebies 😏😂😏. Simply can’t make this stuff up. Other than his anger and the very pointed circle he drew around the heretical “small number of FBI employees” I believe Wray’s presser was 90% smoke and mirrors.

    There is such a clear difference in Wray’s demeanor as opposed to James Comey’s petulant arrogant posture, I’d call its palpable anger.

    I know most folks don’t believe Hillary/Obama will get their comeuppance here on earth. I feel more optimistic about the possibility of a public backlash and the real chance of them being stripped of their shield and adoring public. I believe we will see the fall of both Hillary and Obama, I’m not sure what avenue it will take, seizure of assets, prison, house arrest, public shunning, a mob chasing them down or some other justice but I do believe that the day is coming when they will be reviled by people who once adored them.

    President Trump understands that he cannot make America great again without restoring her honor. The Clintons have been in real power for 26 years and their roots are deep – the routing is going to take more time than any of us would like, but when that decrepit tree is uprooted, what a day it will be!


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