President Trump Delivers Remarks on the American Freed from Venezuela

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3 Responses to President Trump Delivers Remarks on the American Freed from Venezuela

  1. G-d&Country says:

    WOW 17 hostages out! I did not know there were that many released. I like Pres Trump said they were working on others, and not only US citizens, they are Helping Other Countries – What a difference from the last administration! Josh said he was so amazed the President etc would take notice of an average person like him. I find that sad, but this highlights an important distinction of the people working for the government versus the government working for the people. Interesting Pres Trump mentioned the pastor in detail. I do not believe he would bring this up without particular reasons, so maybe he will be the next released. I was very pleased with Orrin Hatch’s comments about the Pres. I’m guessing, and please correct me if I am wrong, that his opinion holds great weight in Utah. I wonder how his very positive view of Pres Trump will have an effect on never-Trump Romney’s Senatorial aspirations. I lived in Mass when Romney was Governor – I am not a fan of his. He is a globalist.

    Imagine what Pres trump’s ratings would be, and also what the overall attitude of the country would be, if all of the accomplishments of this administration were publicised. People would be doing the happy dance in the streets. Too bad some of the big mouths on Fox don’t have a daily accomplishments segment. That would be good for ratings.

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  2. auscitizenmom says:

    Somewhere, I read some criticism of the President having the family come to the WH just after they got back. I imagine it was so that the whole family didn’t have to fly back later or stay longer. It may have been their decision. We don’t know.

    One thing I noticed was the young girl, who would be his adoptive daughter since the couple had not been together very long, seemed very happy. She seemed very close to both grandparents and especially the grandfather. I noticed her snuggling up to his arm while the President was speaking. And, in another video shot, she was hugging him. I thought that was very sweet.

    Another thing I happened to catch, at around the 9:55 mark, Orrin Hatch was thanking President Trump for all he was doing and he said, “We love ya, Boy.” I had to laugh because my father, who was born and raised in TN always called my husband and my son, his grandson that he absolutely loved to death, “boy”.

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  3. lovely says:

    Can you imagine how wildly popular President Trump would be if the MMS wasn’t the democrat’s whipping press?

    His approval numbers would be in the 80’s.


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