What do the people of Jerusalem think of the new US embassy?

Judge Jeanine, in Jerusalem for the opening of the new U.S. embassy tomorrow, doing a “man on the street” poll:

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4 Responses to What do the people of Jerusalem think of the new US embassy?

  1. czarowniczy says:

    Wonder when the adherents of the Religion of Peace will attack it?

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  2. Lucille says:

    This clever man is working toward a peaceful Middle East solution which will hold for a while but not forever. Generally, Arabs dislike Iran, Iranian leaders and often Persians themselves, both on an ethnic level and re who gets to be the top dog of their common but divided religion.

    This vid is over a month old, but its points are worth going over again for what is said by the Crown Prince and what is lurking underneath…

    Saudi crown prince slams Obama’s Iran deal
    FoxNews – Apr 3, 2018


  3. czarowniczy says:

    We have a new and younger king in the driver’s seat. I’m waiting to see what he does about the other thorn i his paw, the Saudi Wahhabi clerics.
    Iran’s been an enemy of the Saudis for decades, I can remember when, years back, the Iranians used their olf F-4s to fly nuclear attac patterns at the Saudi oil fields. The Iranians were nowhere near close to even beginning to have The Bomb but were just poking the Saudis, letting them know that ‘one of these days’…..
    I’m still wondering when the Saudis will buy a few Bombs – they won’t dare develop them, so the easiest way is to buy them. They had the idea – during the Desert Storm mess they bought a few Chinese IRBMs, supposedly to put conventional warheads on and defend against a Saddam feint. Knowing observers noticed though that the attaching hardware on the missile’s nose was in the nuclear and not conventional design and that some of the Chinese missile technical experts accompanying the IRBMs are know nuke specialists. The story runs once and falls into a black hole.
    If Iran gets nukes the Saudis know that one of the mullahs’ plans is to nuke the Saudi oil fields. That would gut Saudi Arabia, gut a huge chunk of the West’s guaranteed oil supply and put the West heavily into Russia and Iran’s pocket. I don’t see Iran actually doing that but for decades they’ve been keeping the Saudis up late at night worrying they might.
    They can’t be 100% the nutjobs won’t have a breakdown and throw a nuke, it’s a small chance but still a chance. Only a deal whereby Iran denukes and its cleaning is verified by an independent and trustworthy 3rd party will ease the Saudis’ fears – and IObama’s deal was just the opposite.

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