President Trump talks about lowering drug prices

President Trump to talk about lowering drug prices Friday

The president plans to provide a blueprint on how he will make prescription medication more affordable, according to senior administration officials. It will seek to increase competition and improve the negotiation of drug prices, as well as reduce consumers’ out-of-pocket spending on medicines and create incentives to lower list prices.

Unlike his fiscal 2019 budget proposal, the majority of the actions he’ll discuss Friday don’t need Congress’ approval, they said.

The Department of Health & Human Services will take “a range of immediate actions” to implement the blueprint, according to a fact sheet provided by the White House on Thursday. The administration will also seek feedback on other potential policies. Details will be released after the speech.

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1 Response to President Trump talks about lowering drug prices

  1. As my son’s SSI (w/ associated Medicaid) is currently under review this is an area of concern for our family. He currently takes 14 pills a day & since Medicaid picks up his copays &/or deductibles from our regular insurance if he loses SSI/Medicaid that could present a pretty significant financial hardship around here. Thanks for posting this!


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