SWA Flt#1380 Update – Pilot Emergency Procedures

More from Juan Browne! Always interesting and informative.

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8 Responses to SWA Flt#1380 Update – Pilot Emergency Procedures

  1. bald01 says:

    Really enjoy your talks Juan. Thanks


  2. Col.(R) Ken says:

    Flight 101 school……, except in my experience as with others before, and those who will follow…..”Hey I think those green tracers are hitting the aircraft”……
    Excellent presentation…….

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  3. Sharon says:

    I always learn so much from his competent explanations. He puts me in mind of the highly competent, long-haul truck driver, especially those who are qualified to drive (and park!) the three-trailer giants. There is so much excellence and skill involved in so many professions. Juan Browne’s gift to any of us is like an opportunity to sit in his living room and asking, “Just talk, Juan – talk to us about….”

    And he covers many different subjects besides the business of aviation.

    I really, really appreciate him and his spirit, and it’s a joy to note his great family from time to time.

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    • Col.(R) Ken says:

      Sharon, you could spend 50 years in aviation, assemble, test every component, write the manuals, fly that aircraft for a thousand hours. Do everything right, then that one emergency the aircraft does not respond as the book says……………
      Day 2 of flight school, “there are NO dumb questions”, “Read, Read, Read, those manuals”…………….

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  4. Lucille says:

    Don’t you just admire and respect knowledgeable people! Juan is such a fountain of info. You can tell he loves knowledge and understanding how things work plus being able to communicate that knowledge to others. His darling boy will probably be the same because he has such a fine example to follow.

    When Juan posts new vids I get an email and usually view his offering right away. Yesterday, when I began viewing it, the audio and visual were not in sync and it was very distracting. So I decided to watch it again from your post, Stella, and the vid was perfectly OK. So I’m glad I decided to re-watch it since there was a lot missed earlier.

    It was such a respectful thing for Juan to do at the end…showing the photo of Jennifer Riordan. Such a horrifying thing. I would imagine that when the other passengers were trying to keep her in the plane she was already either dead or dying since she suffered blunt force trauma to the head. Prayers for the family.

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  5. Lucille says:

    BTW, should you be interested in reading about the worst air disaster in history, this article I saved from 2009 is a good place to start re the man-caused disaster at Tenerife Los Rodeos Airport in the Canary Islands in 1977 were 583 people died. Harrowing! And all completely avoidable.

    March 27, 1977: The Worst Air Disaster Ever
    By Tony Long 03.27.09


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