Laugh (well, giggle) of the day …

This is an orchid called the “Naked Man”. It is real, and the photo is not digitally manipulated. The botanical name is Orchis italica.

“Naked Man” is native to southwestern Europe, western Asia, and northern Africa. It flowers in April.

Orchids are one of two of the largest families of flowering plants, having 28,000 currently accepted species.

Isn’t nature amazing?

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6 Responses to Laugh (well, giggle) of the day …

  1. joshua says:

    which bathroom does that flower have to use?

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  2. auscitizenmom says:

    ROTFL 😀


  3. Those little men have some rather big, erm, FEET!

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  4. Via Wiki

    Orchis longicruris subsp. longipenis Font Quer & P.Palau is a synonym of Orchis italica Poir.

    Taxonomists must be fun at parties. They named a bug after Gary Larson, because of course they did.

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  5. lovely says:

    Is that the cover of James Comey’s book?

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