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  1. auscitizenmom says:

    Well done.

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  2. OT, but not really.

    Japan itself, as a nation, deserves a Grammy Award.

    This, from 1995, using only a single chip on a Super Nintendo, in an obscure — to most folks — video game (yet one that is lauded today by officianados).

    The Japanese have mastered the whole world’s music like no other culture has.

    And they make Disney, and all our animation companies, look like amateurs like Disney made Hanna-Barbera look like amateurs. Get the Studio Ghibli collection. Disney bought it, and voice acted the dubs quite well.

    Remember, these four hours of music are made on one chip, and are only the backing for an amazing videogame and story. I’m glad we nuked them twice. Now they’re really creative!

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    • Wooly Covfefe says:

      Sorry, two hours, fifteen minutes.

      Here’s four hours of goodness from Nobuo Uematsu. He’s gone, but so is Rachmaninoff.

      Uematsu will be remembered like Bach, yet he made music for the 8-bit Nintendo, first. This is from the game that is the best work of 16-bit art, the reason I bought a 16-bit Super Nintendo. The man is as much a genius as Bobby McFerrin or Rob Hubbard. The game cost more than the game system itself at the time. Just a cartridge. I only wanted to get through the game just to hear the music. When CD-Rom games came out, I had more respect for the folks that could make music with a chip, and mathematical knowledge of music itself. It’s the chips performing the music, not a recording. These people, like those I mentioned, make music with no recording. Hex code and stuff. Almost like writing music on staves!

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      • This is how much he is respected:

        For music in the background of Japanese video games.


      • And, my bad. I bought the PS1 for FF VII.

        I bought the SNES for FFIII (VI in Japan, because they didn’t release 3, 4, and 5 in the U.S until much later generations of systems.). Again I only played that game just to hear the music. The gameplay in SquareSoft games, from the early 90’s is second to none, but the music. It was all Uematsu.

        This was a single chip, all Nobuo Uematsu. Insane genius.


  3. Col.(R) Ken says:

    Thank you Wooly……..what woods near 1600 Pennsylvania Av.?


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